Toys, Toys and More Toys

If you didn’t know, now you know hahaha I’m a toy feen! I absolutely LOVE gadgets for adults, kids and Parrots!! This is my downfall though. It’s very hard for me to resist that cute parrot toy hanging in the window or the newest gadget on the market…. If I can afford it I’m getting it!

I have finally decided that I need to find ways to save money so I’ve been researching and researching on DIY toys for my parrots and honestly the market is just as large as store-bought toys.  I will still show my store bought toys because sometimes you just need those but I will be trying to focus a lot on making toys and including the kids with me on this fun workshop project. It will make for some great projects during our “arts and crafts” time.

I could just say forget it, I’m just not getting any more toys for my birds but that will cause for A LOT of noise in my house and birds that aren’t stimulated will develop behavioral problems and take their frustration out on me and the household. Toys are a way for birds to release energy in captivity and stimulate their brain cells. It hurts my heart when I see birds in a cage with one toy or no toys because I know that poor bird must be so bored.

On a more positive note!!! LET’S LEARN ABOUT TOYS!!!!

Parenting Parrots!