Toxic Items


When I first got parrots, I knew nothing about parrot proofing my home or removing toxic items from my home. However, as time went on I kept researching and learning. There are quite a few things that are considered toxic to parrots:

Toxic Food: 

Onions and Garlic I still use but a very little amount.

Toxic Plants:
There are so many toxic plants that I couldn’t possibly list them all but if you click on this link you will be redirected to a site that has a very intensive list. Just remember to click the follow button before leaving so you can stay up to date with us.

Toxic Household items:
Teflon fumes
Cleaning items
Paint fumes
Scented stuff like candles, air fresheners and incense

It’s hard to keep your place completely safe if you keep unsafe items in the home so the best way to remain safe is to not allow these things in your home at all once you’ve acquired your parrot.

I hope you found this helpful, please click on that follow button so you can stay informed as we continue to learn about parrot ownership.

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