Multi-use Stand


I made connections with a carpenter that makes bird homes and stuff. I was really eager for different things for my parrots as I’m  bored with the regular stuff I have and I want to sell them and get new things, after all, everything I have is almost 10 years old now and while Grayson is used to them, the other parrots have only had a year or 2 the most with them but still I think they need to go. So she sent me this multi-use bird stand and I thought okay cool, yea I can use that BUT then she said $200!!!


Audrey-Aviary Homes

I get it. It’s handmade, laminate finish, use for indoor and out and it can be used for different things like training or as a car seat plus it has wheels to wheel around… I would get it but for $100, not $200. Unfortunately, the saying does say you get what you pay for and I love the finish but when I can get a whole standing bird stand that comes with wheels and a removable tray for 150, I can’t justify this being 200 so, unfortunately, I won’t be adding this new perch set to my accessories. But I do have to say it is ABSOLUTELY a beautiful make and if one day I have extra cash that I can do without I may look into acquiring one… Maybe one day.

What do you think? Would you add it? Is it worth it? Am I wrong?

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Hawkhead School


Hawkheads are apparently very difficult for the average person, You can have a Dr. Jerkyel and Mr. Hyde or you can get a sweet, cuddly, always affectionate one. I’m sure we all know which one I would prefer! The word on the street is that it comes down to Socializing. The issue is: If I do get one it probably won’t be ready until September which limits my socializing options… But I will figure it out even though it might mean traveling with the bird when it’s a bit chilly outside which I don’t like.

This is where a really good breeder comes into place. A breeder who properly socializes the bird will definitely make your job easier as all you will have to do is continue. I don’t have a lot of friends so I feel a lot of my parrots aren’t socialized like I would like BUT I feel that can still be changed as long as your willing to work at it!

baby hh
It’s a journey that I’m nervous about because I think my flock is okay with who we currently have and we are all still mourning the loss of the other birds and I don’t want any of the current birds to feel like they are replaceable because trust me, they aren’t! However, I wouldn’t be getting this Hawkhead until September IF any of the eggs are fertile. Which is a big IF, apparently.

They aren’t easy to find or easy to breed. One breeder, I found said this was his first egg in 5 years! I’m the 2nd person on the list of 3 for him so I’m not sure if I will get him or not but in the meantime! I NEED TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL! When I say school, I’m referring to Hawkhead school, I need to find out what food is good for them, whats not! How to go about socializing them, cage size, the best type of toys etc…

I’m so nervous but yet so excited. The only downfall is that there are no SPECIFIC books on Hawkheads so I really don’t have a good reference guide. I’ve watched some youtube videos but nothing is teaching me something I don’t already know. I’ll keep searching!

Wish me luck as I continue on my journey to be the best parrot parent I can be for all of my babies!

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All About Pets Show

I went to the “All About Pets Show” for the 2nd year in a row and I must say it’s a busy place however it’s a great place to educate your kids and yourself and see all the different animals in the world. This year I went with my partner, my son and my godson. Last year it was only my son and myself. Last year I was able to find everything I wanted and needed so easily however this year I felt overwhelmed and confused because I couldn’t find what I was looking for as easily. This year we interacted more with other people so I must say both years were well worth it and I would recommend it to others to attend. I will be going again next year.

So I bought the family pass which was 48.00 CDN. We got there by 1:30pm and left at 5pm so a good couple of hours spent. As soon as we walked in, we were greeted and given a bag and was on our merry way. Although this is a “PETS” show I feel the dogs dominate. We went straight for the cats since that’s not really of interest for us, I figured it was the fastest section to get through. The cats are mostly in carriers and are not out for touching by the public however the few that were out, were very nice.

We then found the reptilia truck, which we enjoy admiring every year. My son and godson got to hold a crested gecko. They also got to touch an alligator and see a snake wrapped around a woman’s body. The downfall with the reptiles this year is that I never seen any other reptile section :(. Last year we had reptilia but there was also other little reptile set ups around and my son truly enjoyed that. This year they fell short on that, I hope next year they bring them back.

Next, was the bird section but again it seems they fell short in that area because I never seen as many vendors as I did last year. We seen the typical parrots like the conures, macaws, African greys, various cockatoos and so forth. Maybe I’m just being greedy but I wanted more. My son and godson got to hold ringneck doves but last year we got to help in bottle feeding babies and listen to parrots talk and watch them do tricks. I also went there in hopes to find unique toys for my African grey and galah cockatoo but I left empty handed. I wanted to grab some Harrison’s food and they weren’t available at any of the stops.

We went to the petting area and this section was more advanced which was great. They had all the horses in their stalls but at least we still got to peep at them through the stalls. If we stayed and watched a horse show then of course we would have seen more but no petting of horses this year. They had goat, sheep, llamas and of course just like last year baby chicks. My son and godson got to hold the baby chicks which I think is great for the kids to experience but their most enjoyable moment was feeding the Llamas. My son was calling the Llama “his buddy” as he feed him his food from the palm of his hands. You have to pay for the feeding but it wasn’t too bad as it was only 2 dollars for a small ice cream cone filled with pellets.


There was a section for exotic pets (or something like that they were called) and their price I thought was ridiculous as it was 10 dollars for each person to enter the pen and play with the animals. The deal they had wasn’t too bad as it was 25 dollars for 4 but since I nor my partner wanted to go in, it didn’t seem worth it to pay 20 dollars for the two boys when I could have paid 25 for 4. They had a kangaroo, some muskrat looking thing… It’s like a monkey but looks like a stunk… You would have seen them in the movie the Madagascar and some other animals that I can’t remember their names.

We then were surrounded by dogs however although they did have a designated area for dogs they were all spread out all over the whole exhibition. Watching my son with the dogs made me wonder if a dog is the right pet for him…. I’m not sure. He was so patient and loving and even after petting and talking to everyone, he wanted to go back to see the little dogs and then the BIG leonbergers. I must admit I will be doing research on teacup Pomeranians and pomchi’s and Havanese dogs BUT I will not go back down that road unless I know it is the absolute best! Also I can’t have dogs in the apartment I live in so it will have to wait :(. I will be researching the best pet for a child who may have a mild case of adhd.

I left feeling like my money was well spent and I had more knowledge than every! Especially when it came to a Havanese dog because it has real hair no fur, so hypo-allergic, small but not fragile and odorless of course…. Adult size is 12 lbs… I will definitely be looking into them….

I bought the kids food on our way there and right after we left we went straight to pizza pizza to buy a family meal. I refused to buy anything in there because for a bottle of pop it was $3.20 CDN 😦 but I expected that so that’s why I fed them on our way there!

It’s definitely a show I enjoy and I will be making it part of my yearly routine. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I would suggest making it apart of your outings for next year.

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How to Treat your Parrots to a Healthy Snack


Good Morning!

Today I decided to have something quick for breakfast as I’m running out the door to do laundry. I live in an apartment where we are not allowed to have washers and dryers in our unit, so I have to take the elevator all the way down to the ground level to share a washer and dryer with the other tenants of this building. I HATE IT BECAUSE I CANT TAKE ANY PARROTS WITH ME!!! 😦 Well I guess I could but don’t want to risk people complaining and maybe the bird getting in their way. Anyhow back to the topic at hand….



Being on maternity leave has really left my fridge empty. HAHAHA after 10 months with living off of 55% of my income, I am ready to get back to filling my fridge again but I will miss my kiddies and parrids (parrot kids) so much. This is a bitter sweet moment!! Today we are having a whole wheat slice of bread with jam! THAT’s it!

Something so simple and I can share it with my parrids.

A slice of lightly toasted whole wheat bread with jam spread on top, cut into four sections. I give one section to each bird. I do two slices because I have 7 birds. All the birds can eat this, even my lorikeets!


Rasta enjoying his jam

So I’m not quite sure how the calories in a slice of toasted whole wheat bread may affect a parrot’s health however it has 75 calories but if you’re only giving a parrot a quarter section, I don’t think you should have to worry at all (for those that may be concerned).

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