Guide To Companion Parrot Behavior Review


I have to say I absolutely love Mattie Sue Athan. She truly is a great author and I believe in her methods however with that being said I forgot about who the author was and focused on the content of this book. ( You can purchase the book through my amazon affliate account: ).

This is my first official book review and I’m so excited to do it! When I started to read this book I automatically was like NOPE this is NOT a book for me. I already have parrots and although it was great to read about the different type of parrots and what they are known for, I hate stereotyping! BUT in this case, how else would you explain the different type of parrots and what you can expect from each one? Now, this doesn’t mean your specific bird will be like this but it is a high possibility, as this is what other owners of the same parrots have experienced. I understand that this had to be done and I actually did learn a thing or two about stuff I didn’t know regarding certain parrots so it came in handy.

I love the cover of this book, I literally have had almost all of the parrots she chose for the cover. A Mitchell Cockatoo starts the lineup and although I didn’t have a Mitchell I did have a Galah Cockatoo which is also pink so I think it qualifies hahaha. Next is a green-naped lorikeet, then a conure – NOT a black-capped but still a conure. An Amazon, I have yet to be graced with such and I will never have one because my flock is closed but I love watching them on Youtube. Last but not least a wonderfully, beautiful, amazing African Grey parrot which we all know I already have!

I read this from front to back and I wish I had read it sooner, it gives a lot of suggestions and ideas to common behaviors you might encounter when having a parrot. Such as the typical screaming, biting and fearfulness to new objects. If I had read this sooner, I would have definitely manipulated Lola’s (galah cockatoo) environment more.

If you are looking to learn about parrots or even if you already have a parrot, I would recommend this book for the wonderful knowledge and insight that it brings. If you already have a parrot, I would say that “Guide to a well-behaved parrot” would be a better choice for you BUT if you are battling certain behavioral issues than this would be a great reference guide for your process of elimination.

You will learn what to do when looking for a new parrot or a second hand. What to look for from a breeder or pet store etc. It gives you tips on how to work on trust-building exercises, how important and what is needed when doing the “step up cooperation”, the towel game (which I have to teach my parrots), peek a bird and she covers how the cage setup can really make or break a parrot. She covers the “honeymoon phase” and how to help teach your parrot all the things it needs to learn in order for it to have the appropriate disposition. She covers what to expect once parrots mature and a few solutions for common parrot behavioral issues that owners come across. My favorite chapter was chapter nine: Stories about companion parrots. I LOVED reading the different stories about birds and their owners. This wasn’t about bad stories, it was just stories that were shared and I loved it. I don’t have a lot of friends who have birds so when I get to enjoy another story about one, it touches my heart!

I found this book to be well written, informative and definitely one that can be added to your collection if you have no other books about parrot behavioral issues. So yes I will recommend it, I don’t think it is a MUST HAVE but I do think it is a nice add-on.

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My Faithful People


Hi Guys,

I have been so busy with the two full time jobs that this blog, my kids, my own life and my parrids were all neglected! GREAT news though! I promise I’m back for good this time!

You can expect 3 posts a week from me and if you follow us on YouTube – parentingparrots, we post one video a week.

So I need a favor… On my site I don’t have an option to send out a mass email so I am asking all my subscribers/followers – my faithful people to please go to my contact us page and send me a quick message so I can get your email. No, I won’t be filling up your inbox with spam LOL! I actually just want to send out my gift to you which I promised that anyone who followed me would receive something from me and I have finally got it worked out. If I already have your email then you will receive an email from me. If I don’t then please do the above steps so I can get your thank you gift to you.

FYI – I’m starting to do Parrot training/consultations and Parrot sitting. I don’t have it all worked out as yet but if interested just send me a message and I’m sure we can make some arrangements for me to assist you while getting my footing settled!

Thank you guys so much for your patience with me this past year and I hope my knowledge, my parrids and my mistakes will help give you laughs and joys and of course education.

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I’m Sorry


Some days are GREAT days! While others are…. NOT so great! How does one bounce back from a “NOT so great day” when it not only affects you but your little toddlers too?

Today was one of those days for me! So this is my rant! Everything was on schedule, I trained each bird, gave them breakfast, cleaned the house, spent time with each bird and then I don’t know what happened… While I was doing all of that, I was thinking about what I wanted to share with you guys today and what I was going to put up on our youtube channel tomorrow. However it is now 11:45pm and I’m just now sitting down to write to you. I’m sorry. I usually work really hard on my posts and try to make sure I do research and have pictures etc… Today is just NOT one of those days. So not only am I letting you down but I’m letting myself down and my birdies down because I did not do a 2nd training session as I usually do.

When I decided to blog and make videos, it never dawned on me that it would be time consuming. For those who don’t know… IT IS VERY MUCH TIME CONSUMING! If you don’t LOVE what you are writing about or making videos about – IT will be more of a chore then a hobby. For me, it is a split between a hobby and a job because I want to make sure I give you interesting, fun, educational information but at the same time I want it to be professional and consistent. IF this was just my hobby then I would only do it when I had time but for me, “THIS IS MY WHOLE LIFE” so I try to be as consistent as possible. I have a goal, I have a plan and I have a routine that I want to stick to, which makes this harder when I put deadlines on it. Well, I seem to work well under pressure so I guess this works for me.

beauty girl cry

Today was one of those days that I think about why I write… Does anyone care what lil’ old me has to say?  Then I meet people that ask for my help and I smile and feel like “this is why I write“, so others know I’m here! I’m here and I’m not going any where! There are days that I look and my stats say I only had 2 visitors. ONLY 2 visitors!? In a whole 24 hours?? No comments, no likes, no emails, no followers added… Is it a sign that people don’t care about what I have to say? Or do I use it as a push? I use it as a push! Maybe my content isn’t as appealing as I think, maybe I’m missing something in my writing, maybe I need to add some sort of twist… What makes one website get followers added every day while others struggle just to get one or two??  How come some blogs get hundred and thousands of likes and comments while others get none? I, unfortunately do not have the answer to these questions but I will keep pressing on until I figure it out.

Okay, I’m going to go now as I think I’ve ranted enough hahaha plus it’s now after midnight and although the parrots are sleeping, I still have 3 beautiful children that have decided tonight is not the night to follow curfews hahaha. It’s okay, thank  God it’s Saturday and tomorrow is another weekend day where I plan to be VERY PRODUCTIVE! One unproductive day a month, I will allow myself so today was it for November… NEVER AGAIN until maybe DECEMBER hahaha.

Although this wasn’t on my original topic and NOTHING like any of my other posts, I hope you still enjoyed it nevertheless. Please feel free to check out my other posts while you are here and DEFINITELY click that add to followers button so you can get updates about my other fun and entertaining topics haha or just do it to make me feel better – that works also….

Bye for now!


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