Warms My Heart


It warms my heart when I’m watching a video or reading a book and one of my daughters comes out of nowhere and says, “Piper!” or “Grayson” or any of the birdies’ names. Basically what happens is if they don’t know the type of bird it is but we have one, they identify it by our pets’ names. So Piper goes for all Quakers. Ringo goes for all Indian ringnecks and so forth. They know that African greys are African Greys. I thought about teaching them their alphabets through parrot types for example:

A for apple would be A for African grey
B for Boy would be B for Budgie
C for Cat would be C for Caique

However just because Parrots are MY thing doesn’t mean it has to be their thing and I accept that. That’s why if they express an interest in a different type of pet, I’m open to looking into it. My son has a bearded dragon for years now. When the rest of the kids get older they will have their option of either investing more time with one of the parrots we already have or choosing their own pet. I can’t lie though, to see them take an interest in my parrots does warm my heart and makes me a proud little mommy.

Parenting Parrots


I’m a co-author!! Here are some snippets!!


Not about parrots but I had to share!!

Here are snippets of the ladies’ real life stories:


It was a few months before my 21st birthday. I was so excited trying to think of how Iwanted to bring in my champagne year. I was in college studying broadcasting for radio, television and film, just bought my first car and broke up with my boyfriend who was doing absolutely NOTHING for me. I was on cloud nine until I was told to take a pregnancy test. WHAT? Me? Pregnant? NEVER! A few weeks went by and it was almost Christmas, and because I went so long without a menstrual cycle, I felt it was time for me to take a test. I bought one with two in the package. , It was late at night and I did the pee stick test, waited and then cried. It was positive. I thought this can’t be happening, not at this time in my life. I waited until the morning and tried the second test, and it was still positive. WHAT? WHY NOW? HOW COULD THIS BE HAPPENING TO ME? What was I to do?

I turned to my sisters who were older than me by 7 and 10 years, for advice. They both advised me to think long and hard about the situation I was currently faced with. I was young, in school, single, never wanted kids and had my whole future ahead of me. It truly came down to “You should have your first child just in case you are not able to have any more.”

Abortion was not an option and was a sin that I didn’t want against my name. My

journey to motherhood started at that time. I called my ex-boyfriend to give him the news but, he never answered so I texted him.

“Hey, I have something to tell you.”

“What is it?”

“I’m pregnant.”

“Stop lying.”

“Why would I lie?”


“So what are you going to do?”

“I don’t know”

He then called me and again asked if I was lying. I asked him why I would lie about something like this. The conversation ended with no decision being made. All he had to say was “DAMN.”

“The Ugly Truth” Ketsia Midouin

“Mommy, how come the other kids at school have their dad pick them up from

school but I don’t?” I dreaded this question for six years before it actually came.

“Mommy, where’s my daddy?” Although I thought about it all the time, I was still

taken aback when my six year old son asked me that question. I tried a swift

response by saying, Mommy loves you so much that she enjoys doing the drop off

and pickup from school. However, by the way he was staring at me with his

inquisitive big brown eyes, I could tell that I wouldn’t get away with it so easily.

“Mommy where’s my father? Why do I never see him or speak to him? Does he

know I exist? Does he love me?” These questions shattered my heart in a million

pieces and I couldn’t find the words to explain to him what had transpired to

bring us to this point – the words to explain the ugly truth.

My son and I have always had a relationship based on trust. I’ve always promised

to tell him the truth and expected the same in return from him. Yet, some truths

are way too ugly to explain to children. My son’s father and I have been

estranged since he was born. Although we live in very close proximity, there is no

contact. If I am being completely honest with myself, our relationship was very

unhealthy – marred with lies, distrust and disrespect. Wanting better for myself and my newborn, I made the choice to leave the



I’m not going to lie being a single mom is downright hard. Some days it’s my mental stress and some days physical exhaustion. Working full-time, school part-time, plus all the other I’ve added to my plate is a lot, and that’s just me and four personalities needs from one end of the spectrum to the next, and now I need a container just to keep the food from falling off my plate. It’s like being on pause while people around you are still moving. Many days I feel like I am just floating through with no emotional connection day runs into each other without distinguishing features. Some days a simple comment, two or three of calling my name or speaking at once, or a phone call from the daycare to pick up a sick munchkin. It’s all a realization of just how alone I am on the journey of raising my four boys, a realization of abandonment, a realization of loneliness, a realization that keeps me going. All meall school concerts, fevers, meals, all me, all the time. Not to mention boys, I am a firm believer that there is a why I have only boys, and that’s okay because I trust in God, and one day I will understand.

As for now, I don’t deny myself of my emotions. If I need a day off or half day to sleep then that’s just what it is. If I need to cry then that’s just it is. It’s one step at a time, and that’s okay. I’m human too, and no less deserving of a moment to

myself. My son always says, “Mom, it’s better out than in.”

At 18 years of age I wanted to experience life. I wasn’t a defiant child, but my parents were super protective. Growing up, I was limited in my social life, and as for boyfriends, that was a definite no-no. I was born to West Indian immigrants, in a children were seen and not heard, you want something to cry for, speak when spoken to, do as I say household. There was no outward expression of love, congratulations, I’m proud of you moments. There was no teaching of banking, taxes, savings, cards, none of it. My mother worked jobs to provide, so she was home. She left before we got up, and came home as going to bed. She wanted to provide not only what was needed, but what was wanted.


Picking up the Pieces Final – Carolee Parkes

“Don’t ever touch my child again. If you do I will have you charged with assault. If you come by my house I will have you charged with trespassing”, were the words coming out of my mouth as I stood at the car yelling at the “new friend” of my husband who I was separated from.
My daughter left with her dad. I sat in the car in complete disbelief with so many thoughts going through my mind. I didn’t understand how my “husband”, allowed this female to touch our child in his presence and do nothing about it. As I drove away steaming with anger, I wondered, God how did this church girl end up in the same situation I had tried so hard to avoid all my life and actually thought I did the day I said, I do?
Let’s go back. Nine years ago I was in a long term relationship that I was sure was going to end in marriage, but instead ended in a horrible way. It left me heartbroken, and the seed of bitterness began to grow. I started to change for the worse, and that’s when I decided I needed to pull myself together. The year following the break up, I spent it focusing on healing my broken heart, and asking God to show me the lessons I needed to learn. It made me wiser and stronger than before. I had created a list of dos and don’ts while dating in church.
A year had passed when my brother handed me a phone number. I had asked a few questions before I agreed to call the man in question. However, I ended up calling as I was always open to meeting new people.
We spoke for weeks without meeting in person. Finally, we were going to meet and what better way to meet than at church. We didn’t have an instant love connection, but we were friends and I was okay with that. Several weeks passed, and we continued to talk all the time while he continued to attend my church. During this time, I began to develop feelings for this person. I started praying about it and seeking Godly counsel. I was applying all the lessons I had learned, and was determined to date in a way that honored God. I had a list of must haves in my Godly husband, and as he displayed them I began to tick them off my list one by one.
During this process, there were times I had doubts, and was hesitant but I couldn’t figure out why. I kept praying and seeking Godly counsel, and no red flags surfaced. In fact, just the opposite happened. So many things were falling into place. I was confident God was the foundation of our relationship, and my hesitations began to diminish.


The Marks Beneath My Skin
Tasica Q Fagan

I would have never thought that one day, one moment, I would have the courage – . The courage to dig deep into my truth and tell my story. This is my truth, my fear, my hurt, my reality, my joy, my cry, my passion, my desires, and my worth all in one testimony. Maybe, just maybe. I may have given up on you, “X”. I was stifling and you couldn’t see that. The man I once loved so deeply. “Not deep enough”, you once said to me.” I loved you. , I couldn’t hate you, but I hated how you treated me. Due to the fact that we were always arguing, I never actually got the chance to really explain to you how you made me feel and why we couldn’t be together anymore. We were both young and immature, ; in many ways than you may have never imagined. You blamed this all on me.? That’s not fair, because you know damn well it takes two to tangle, two to start an argument and two to communicate. Just admit it; you might as well tell the world since you’ve done a great job of turning your entire family against me. They will lie for you, they will cover you because that’s family, right? What about the truth? What about my truth, your truth?

“X”, I was mad at you for so long for not being there for me, and chose to be . For being there for your family and friends when we were making our own family. So much emotions came over me. I thought about when you never thought to run my bath water for me, and the only time you bathed me was that day, when you and I were in the shower together at your aunt’s house. I guess because we were having sex it must have been convenient for you to even soap up my back. You never took long walks with me , I never had those awe moments with you. Why “X”? This was our first baby, our first experience, but I was happy all by myself. I kept on smiling through it all and I just wanted you to be there. I walked a lot, I ate a lot. I craved pizza with; ground beef and pineapple with extra cheese. I drank plenty of fluids like the doctor said. Ugh! I couldn’t stand drinking all that milk either , but I did what I had to do because, it wasn’t about me anymore so as much as I wanted to stop drinking so much damn water especially for the prenatal appointments, I did it for our baby. I wore the proper underwear to avoid infections, I kept my skin moisturized even though it was super hot outside. Underneath my breasts were sweating and I think I owned maybe like two bras at the time. I remember I had an account with Scotia Bank and they closed my account because I had no money to deposit…….



~My First~

I was 16 years old when I entered my very first and long-term relationship.
Shy girl, dealing with a “kept quiet” depression that I never spoke about to anyone, but it was quite obvious and was starting to affect my focus, my goals, education, etc.
I’d say that getting involved in a “relationship” or just anything having to do with being outside of my regular routine was a great “distraction” for me at that point in my confused life. –And I say “confused”, as becvause I wasn’t able to determine, at that time, the cause of my depression until only recently, and as an aAdult now, looking back, it is clear, but that’s another story in itself-.

Despite being amongst the popular crew of girls at the time, I wasn’t one who was easily influenced by what my peers were into. So, whether it be name brand fashion trends, as I was known to always put the scissors to my cheap clothing, turning it into the “Ohh Girl, !!! can you please make one for me because ! I just love your style”, a definite trendsetter, I was never influenced by my peers. I was, a girl in my own world, until I entered the World of my “First’s”.…
You’d think that being the “shy/good girl” who took caution to herwas very cautious about her reputation would end up dating the choir boy, or the quiet but extremely cute boy everyone had their eyes on.

My “First”, was the “Star”of his Football Team. He had , with a body I believed only existed in movies, well over 6 feet tall, 6 pack abs, muscles bursting out the gate, smooth brown skin tone, and what a charmer he was. , On top of that, the epitome of a Thug, and not the type to “put on” just to make others fear him., I mean, it was in his blood stream, he knew no other way of life, a true Hustler on top of everything and these are things I admired about him at the time. I mean, how exciting…..and ! (distracting.) He was able to take my mind away from the every day issues, and have me focused on other things such as taking risks, which, at the time, to me were nothing short of “adventures” for me at the time.
I had given him my virginity, and after that came the onset of many other “firsts” within our relationship.
With him, I had my very first “spliff” (Marijuana) with him. Prior to that, , and prior too, I had never n’t even seen a “spliff” much less smoking one. –Exciting right?!-.

I had never taken public transit on my own before our relationship, and we lived approximately 45 minutes in distance of each other., therefore, I was taking one streetcar, a train and a long bus ride to get to his house almost daily., and a A few years into our relationship when we were taking more and more risks by the day, he eventually he put me behind the wheel and taught me how to drive.


My Joy And My Pain

I remember when we were just co workers, when things seemed a lot easier. I use to look forward to seeing you each and every shift I had. I made sure that I visited your store at least once every break, and when I didn’t, I made sure that I would seen you after when our shift was over, . just to laugh and flirt like we always did. You always said something sweet about me or to me and I liked it. I liked that you paid attention to me, you commented on my hair, my skin and my smile. , I adored that. That went on for so long, to the point where I felt that I wanted you, but I never said anything. I thought I was just in my feelings, and I needed to focus on the goal, and that was to take care of mine.

That day, that one shift, we were told to work together, that day I thought, “yes, !” side by side, we will finally get the chance to talk more. Usually I would be at the cash register and you would be cooking and prepping food in the back. It was usually too busy so all we could do was stand close to one another, make eye contact, whisper things, laugh a little and work. But that day, however, that was the beginning of our joy and pain. We were working alone for the first and last time and to be honest, I wanted to go home with you but again, I said nothing. I could have just been me lusting over you because we really didn’t know each other outside of work. We managed to take a break together and ended up being alone. All it took was a moment alone together, time I have been hoping we would have. That was it, your kiss, your touch, it was all too easy. You then you said to me, “you’re mine now.” MeI was, so young and giddy, I accepted your command, and that day I told myself “I am officially taken.”

Work became more and more interesting as, we would leave work together and even go to work together sometimes. Some said we were inseparable. , things were beautiful. I felt safe. , I felt loved again. We were learning about each other and still,but at times I would cry sitting and cry, there thinking this is too good to be true. Not even realizing that I was inviting destruction in, that and it was right at my door step.

First, it was the weird dreams I began to have about you, and I kept telling myself to stop living in the past. It was hard because my past was still a distraction. N no matter how much I tried to avoid my child’s father, he never failed to get me worked up. But,However, no matter what, you were right there by my side.




This was the song the guy who I thought, for years was my soulmate, use so sing to me. I met this guy back in middle school when I was just ten years old. He made me laugh, and we clicked from the moment we met. By the second month of school, I was his girlfriend, his “baby girl” to be exact. I know what you’re thinking, what is a 10 year old doing with a boyfriend? I asked myself the same question. Now, I am thirty years old and a Christian (saved) with my own children wondering, what was I thinking. The simple answer is, I wasn’t! I was searching for love, or what I thought love was. Growing up in a home without a father impacted me greatly. It was the beginning of the insecurities that paralyzed me for years to come. I had my mother – well she was there but I hated her. I felt like she loved my brothers more than she loved me so we couldn’t have a traditional “mother-daughter” relationship. Because of that, I kept a lot of my thoughts, feelings and emotions to myself. When I began to have feelings for this guy, I didn’t tell my mother, so even if she
wanted to, (and I am sure she would of) she couldn’t stop me from being in the relationship that almost took my life.


Please support me and these brave ladies who have written this book. Message me, leave a comment down below if you are interested in getting your own copy!

The Passing of an Angel


Today, Friday October 6th, 2017 has been exactly a week since my support system fell apart. At around 6pm on Friday Sept. 29th, 2017 I got the worse call of my life, telling me my ground had just received an earthquake and my angel has been taken from this world.

I know this is a parrots blog but it’s also a very important part of my life. So I’m turning to you after a week of being depressed to apologize for my absence but to also share my grief with you. The worse feeling a person can have is to not know if maybe I could have changed the outcome of that day… What if I had called him? What if I wasn’t so self-consumed with my own life that I had taken the time out to spend more time with him? What if, what if , what if… I will never know because this is one time, we don’t have the opportunity to have a 2nd chance.


Friday Sept 29th, 2017 Brandon Briggs a 32 year old man who was a father of 4 kids all under the age of 8, a brother, an uncle and most important to me – an angel, collided with a wood chipper at around 11:40 am. He died at the scene. I appreciate the bystanders who carried him from the driver’s seat to the back seat of the car to try and help, thank you for caring. The police called for an air ambulance to get him but unfortunately he Died before he could be transported to the hospital. The last day I ever spoke to him and heard his voice, received a text was Tuesday, September, 23rd, 2017 and I wasn’t very interactive at the time as I was consumed with other things. It sucks because I was off and we were suppose to spend that time together and other things came up cutting our time short in more ways than one. We still have yet to hear back from the autopsy, receive his belongings from the police or lay him down to rest.


I always said he had my back even through our times of arguing…. We were born the same month, same year and only a day apart. I had my first son 2 years before he had his first daughter but my son was born on the same day of the month and his daughter was also born on the same day as the month. My son is 08/08 and his daughter came exactly 2 years and 2 months and 2 days later at 10/10. I don’t know if there is some kind of connection there but I think there is. He went on to have 3 more kids with the last one being only 1 years old. He had Egypt who was 8 at the time, Cairo, a boy who is 7, Pharoah, a boy who is 4 and just started school this year and Nile a 1 yr old girl. I also followed him having 3 more kids of my own. B, I guess you were right, we are stopping at 4. You will never meet my last one and it hurts to know it will never know what a fabulous uncle it had but I’ll tell the kids and show them pictures and videos – I won’t let you be forgotten, I promise.
Anyways he had a beautiful family who now has to be raised by only their mother.22104309_10154788944311922_7887990284926323276_o

They opened a gofundme account and are now after a week at 24k, way more than they asked for. I’m overwhelmed with the amount of love and support that has went out to help them but this just shows you how many people loved and cared for him. How many lives he touched. He was a great man and I never told him how much I loved him and appreciated him or at least I don’t remember telling him anytime recently.

Did he know that I loved him? Did he know that I still considered him my backbone, my support system? I will never love another person as much as I loved my dear uncle Brandon. Our bond went beyond words but yet I feel like I neglected him on so many occasions. I wasn’t at every birthday party he held for the kids even though I tried to mostly be there. I still missed one or two and now I regret it. I wish I drove to visit him more often. Yes, we spoke for hours on ends but it doesn’t feel like it was enough now. I used to always tell him “B, this is my #brokelife.” and he would laugh and say “You kill me with that.” When we were both down, we would talk and he would ask me, “How do you do it? You’re so strong.” He would constantly tell me that and I would say, ” To be honest, I have no idea but you got to do what you have to do, just pray.”


At the age of 32 I was/am struggling to find my calling but he had just found his, maybe 2 years ago… Can’t remember but a few years ago he started tattooing and he was good at it. I got a tattoo on my foot done from him and I was suppose to go back for him to outline it and now I will never have the chance. He stopped tattooing for a while and then he found his painting. What an amazing gift! He found his calling! He was an artist and tonight exactly a week after his passing was his show where he was suppose to put on a meet-the-artist reception and showcase his work. His work will still be showcased but unfortunately he won’t be there. On facebook, I said I want to meet the artist! So I’ll be there! and he responded back saying, “you can get an autograph too”.
Will I B? Could I? I would give my life for an autograph now…. How could I have not treasured our time together more? I thought we were going to grow old together…. Instead I’m here by myself and I’m not doing so well… I need you!
He was my biggest supporter, telling me how good I write. Even though he wasn’t a pet fan, he supported my passion for parrots regardless. I was suppose to write an artist grant request for him and I kept pushing it off and he told me, “OMG your never going to do it, I’m going to get my bro to do it.” I told him I am going to do it but get your brother to do one anyways and then we can see which one is better… Now I will never be able to do him that favor…


He never asked me for things, but I was always asking him for his ear, for his attention, for his time and he never once made me feel like I was bothering him. He was my twin, my life, my best friend, my confidant. Everything I could have ever asked for in an uncle… Our time was cut short and I never got to return the support or at least I don’t feel like it. At this point, I feel like I was a selfish partner in this and not an equal companion and I wish I could change that but I should have changed it years ago…

Let me end this rant by saying this… We hear all the time, don’t take life for granted. Let the people you love know that you love and appreciate them. Always find time for those who find time for you. Enjoy your moments with one another and cherish it. All of these sayings sound so cliche but let me tell you: I’m kicking myself now that I didn’t listen to those little tidbits, it would probably have made a huge difference in my grieving process.

We were and always will be “The twins”. Nothing will change that. I’m sorry I wasn’t right beside you in that car on Friday. Maybe I could have made a difference or at least we would have died together. Born a few hours apart making us come into this world on the 21st and the 22nd of March. I thought we would die close together also…. But I’m not God and I don’t know what the future holds for me anymore now that you are gone hopefully whatever it is I can make you proud because I’m trying to live for both of us now… That’s a hard task man! lol. I just want you to know if I never told you even though I’m sure I did but I love you B, you are my heart and Soul and I was extremely proud of you! Possibly even a bit jealous because you found your calling before I was able to find and establish mine but no worries I’m right behind you as always. Even though I’m the older one, so I should be ahead hahaha.


Always comforted me! I have to end this as the tears won’t stop so I can’t even see what I am writing anymore. I will be pushing my children’s story to get publish this year, well next year when they accept applications again and I figure I will try to write a few on you… Wish me luck hopefully you will be here to guide me and give me the push that you had to just come out of no where and blow up in your talent.

To my subscribers/followers, I’m sorry for this sad post but I had to connect my two worlds. I hope to get back to my Youtube videos and blogging as soon as possible. If you haven’t subscribed please do so, on Youtube and Instagram we are “Parenting Parrots”. Tonight I will be going to his showcase, if you live in Toronto, Canada and can make it, please do! I know this is last minute but this meant the world to him. His first show I went to, was in a club and stupid me didn’t know and didn’t walk with ID so I missed it although I was there…. So can’t make that happen again this time. I haven’t re-read this so if there is spelling mistakes or grammer errors, I apologize.

Come and support my Uncle’s talent that will no longer be able to be produced. We will be at the Freedom Factory at 22 Dovercourt from 7pm to 11pm tonight, October 6th, 2017. Look at the flyer below for all the information.

Thank you for your support! Please let’s get this blog out there so I can make my uncle proud!!!

R.I.P Brandon Briggs March 22nd, 1985 – September 29th, 2017

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MY PETS!!! WOW What a Journey!


I decided to start this post because I have soooo much to say! I’m 31 years old (still can’t believe it!) and I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I just wanted to take this time to actually give you a brief rundown of what type of posts you will be seeing on here. Posts will be about parenting my beloved Parrots!! Everything you need to know and anything you want to know just ask!! I’m not a professional trainer but I do have a love and passion for PARROTS!!!

So let me start with the pg13 stuff first lol…. My PETS!

I’ve went through it all from 2009 to 2012 I went on a pet frenzy trying to find the perfect pet for me and my son. I was having issues… The very first pet in our home, we got from a friend and it was a 10 week old kitten who we named Diamond.


She was great when we first got her but I soon came to realize a 10 week old kitten with a 3-year-old boy was NOT the perfect combination for me. Now it may work for others and if I wasn’t so consumed with school, work, my son and just getting used to being on my own, it may have worked for me but nope, I just couldn’t do it. So in September 2010 a whole year and some later, I decided I had to let Diamond go. She was pooping on my floor instead of her litter box, disrespecting my rules and it was just a mess. 😦 I do miss her at times but it was best for all of us to part ways.  After diamond came Sky, the cockatiel bird that I got from a vendor in the Jane and Finch mall… I should have realized something was wrong when I seen how hard it was for him to get her out of the cage but at this time I was blind to all that and thought I was a miracle worker. Plus how hard could taking care of a small bird be…..

BOY was I wrong…. My sister had a cockatiel named Jake (they soon realized Jake was actually a girl) and it was so tame and nice, I thought what a perfect pet and that’s why I went to go get this one. Well, this one did not want to be tamed, did not want to play with us and LOVED to bite hahahaha. Very aggressive. So I gave her to my sister thinking she would learn from the other bird. My sister took her in and Jake and Sky got along too great! They ended up bonding together even though they were both girls and my sister lost her nice, tamed bird. I even bought a book on cockatiels and nope she just wasn’t the pet for me and my son. My niece’s grandfather was a breeder of cockatiels and two minutes with Sky he had a tame, nice bird… I don’t know how he did it but he did. **Update on Sky: She is tamed but is a breeder bird. Apparently she loves to have babies. Go figure…**

Now I don’t want you to think I’m a bad person but I definitely spent like $10,000 dollars on cages, accessories, toys, pets and was unsuccessful finding the perfect pet. I spoiled every single one but after a while I was like nope this is not the one for us and I would have to find a new home for the animals. So I went through 6 rabbits, 6 dogs, 2 chinchillas (now those were my ideal pets but unfortunately they ended up passing :(), a hamster, 5 guinea pigs, and a Chinese water dragon. Anyhow, I finally stopped and just so you know I found homes for all of them. So I’m not an evil person.

The pets we do have now, who I will be blogging about are: a leopard gecko, blue tongue skink, bearded dragon, a Galah cockatoo aka rose breasted cockatoo and an African grey parrot.**Update: Pets are: Bearded dragon, African Grey parrot, Quaker parrot, Black capped conure, Indian Ringneck, Lovebird and green naped lorikeets.

The Leopard Gecko I got from the person, I traded my Chinese water dragon with. Now the gecko is up for sale not because I don’t want her but because she is my son’s pet and he is not doing well in school nor being responsible for caring for her. Her name is Sunshine and she is about 7 years old now. Still love her though, so for as long as we have her she will be included in this blog. We have had her for 2 years now. **Update on Sunshine: She found a new home.**


The Bearded Dragon is our longest pet, we have had him since he was a few months old and he was purchased from P.J Pets. He is about two years old now. He has been with us through a lot. My son does chill with him often. He may not check his water bowl, or clean his cage as often as I would like but he will take him out to watch tv with him. Put him in a box and sleep near him. Let him out to run around in his room and shower him. Show him off to his friends and just relax with him. We call him, Ray. **Update on Ray: he is still with us. I just bought a leash so he can go outside with my son more often**


Next my son has a Blue tongue Skink, he is our second longest pet. I think he is about two years old also and doesn’t really come out of his cage much. He is an Indonesian Blue tongue and hisses when we open the cage and touch him. But has never bit any of us. I would recommend a blue tongue to anyone as I LOVED feeding him food from a spoon. This Blue tongue’s name is Junior and he loves his Cat food! **Update on Junior: He passed in May 2016. R.I.P. We never really knew his age as he was a rehome at Petsmart so I’m thinking he was older than we originally thought.** We gave his cage to my nephew because we forgot that Ray, our bearded dragon could have used the 40 gallon terrarium. I miss him.** And of course that’s my precious troublemaker in the picture below, My son who I will refer to on this blog as “JuniorJay” lol. If you want to know more about my son and his adhd journey you can click on the other tab to read about that. I will be opening a new blog for that so stay tuned.


Now onto My PETS! Let’s start with my Galah Cockatoo aka Rose breasted cockatoo. Lola was born on May 12, 2012. I received her in August 2012. Paid almost $3,000 for her. She came from a reputable breeder, I would definitely go back to that breeder again. I love Lola but I made many mistakes even though I read so many books before getting her. I listened to the vet that came to my house to do her wellness and dna check which I have regretted ever since. Now it may not be the doctor’s fault but she made Lola’s first experience a horrible one and Lola had only been with me for a little bit prior to the doctor coming.  Anyhow I will go more into detail when I do a blog strictly on Lola. Point being is, I’ve been having issues with her to the point I even brought her to another vet but I think Lola was seriously traumatized by the first one :(.  Anyhow this is my Lola and I’m working very hard to get her back to the loving, non-scared, fun playing parrot she came into this household as. **Update on Lola: Lola has died. She died in my arms with me telling her how much  I love her. Seems as if she had a seizure… I completely take the blame, as I feel I just did things wrong and it still hurts when I get up and Lola isn’t there to greet me… I dedicate this blog to her and she is my reason for trying to get parrot information out there so people realize how important it is to love these creatures and nurture them.**

Now last but definitely not least… please welcome Mr. Talkative! My African Grey Parrot who was born on June 12, 2012 right behind Lola and came into our household the last week of October so only a few weeks after Lola. I did everything all the books tell you to do about introducing them and keeping him quarantined for 30 days etc. I took him to the vet for his wellness check and I also got him from a breeder, not the same one as Lola but still a breeder. Great breeder, I would buy from her again. Unfortunately Grayson and Lola even after being together for two years have still not bonded. Grayson can be intimidating and Lola is now a “chicken”. However now that I’ve been home for a few months and have done so much more reading and stuff I’m hoping to start trying again because I refuse to give up! So I will definitely be blogging about their interactions. Anyhow, Grayson talks TOO much he says Hi, Hello, What’s your name, Grayson, Lola, Mommy, Stick them up…. The list goes on and on… I’m hoping to train him to identify letters and numbers. As for Lola, I’m hoping to train her on more tricks. Anyhow that’s it for my pets. **Update on Grayson: He is still here flourishing, I’ve decided to keep him fully flighted so we are currently working on trying to get him harnessed trained.**


I love all of them but of course Grayson and Lola are mine! I was wondering if Lola would be happier somewhere else but I can’t let her go without putting in the work. Since I’ll be off on Maternity – I should have more time and I plan to take her everywhere with us even if she decides to stay in her travel cage, I just want her around so she can get more exposure and hopefully that will help with her socialization skills. She is my biggest worry right now. **Update on pets: We have expanded our flock so we have added a Quaker parrot named Piper  – 2 yrs old, we got him when he was a baby. A Lovebird named Boss – Born here (I’ll explain that story in his personal blog) He is one years old now. A Black Capped Conure named Nyx – She was rehomed, we received her about a month ago – She is 3 yrs old right now. A 3 month old Indian Ringneck renamed Ringo – he was also rehomed,  the family had him for about a month named him Pepper and decided they couldn’t afford him, they had him living with their cockatiels all in the same cage. Also I’m currently waiting to acquire a baby Rainbow Lorikeet – right now it is 5 weeks old so still on 3 handfeedings a day, definitely not ready for its new home as yet. So stay tuned!!!**

Welcome to Parenting Parrots!