.022I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada to two loving parents….. bla, bla, bla that’s the boring part! hahaha! I have two sons and two daughters. I have eight parrots and my son has 1 reptile. I live in an apartment on the highest floor in a building. I grew up wanting a parrot but in my household the only pet that was allowed were fish and at that time I knew nothing about positive reinforcement and that every animal could be trained so fish did not interest me. My first introduction to birds was a trip to Jamaica where my dad kept a bird coop. In there he had so many different birds, he would name them off to me but I have no idea what they were now except I remember some white doves. At that time, I never thought it affected me in any way, shape or form but once I had my first son and we moved into this apartment which was my first apartment and is still my only apartment is when my journey began.

023I graduated from my 3 year program at Centennial College for Broadcasting for Radio, Television and Film. I did my internship at Cityline. This blog is my way of being able to combine my writing passion with a bit of broadcasting and of course with my love for parrots. I write poetry but I also wrote a children’s book. I just need to push to get it published…. I think it’ll be a hit! Everyone who reads it, dies of laughter and loves it! In 2018, I was a co-author in a book called “Confessions of a Single Mother Too” and I would like to continue my writing career regarding different aspects of my life.

Anyhow I’m by far not an EXPERT! But I share my life with parrots so who better to talk about them than someone who lives and loves them. Plus I like to read posts from regular people who have been through trial and error and are just learning as they go. So, I decided why not start my own website because a lot of topics I try to research for advice, I can’t find one normal person blogging about it!! I’m hoping that I can help others out there and possibly people can help me also!

I got my first parrot in 2010 and it was a disaster, I wrote a detailed post about that. I ended up letting that bird go and thinking birds are NOT the pet for me after all. I would go on to getting a very expensive, big parrot in 2012, still not being educated in the field of parrot ownership at this time, I thought a baby from a breeder would be a different experience than my first experience which was a bird bought from some guy in a mall.  It was! I fell in love with the beautiful creature, an animal that could be free and fly was an amazing sight to me. I would lose this parrot very early on in my parrot journey unfortunately and it caused me to truly want to make a difference and find out all the information I possibly could on PARROTS! Losing Lola, my Galah Cockatoo so early when she was suppose to live until at least 50 years old was not only devastating but it set me on this path of blogging and wanting to educate others as I had to be educated. Parrot education wasn’t so easy to come by in 2012 as YouTube parrot information was just starting and owning parrots was still a rare occurrence. However now you can find many parrot/animal trainers, parrot bloggers and youtubers discussing parrot ownership, so this is a good development. With all the information out there, I still feel like I can be a valuable aspect to this community. Over my 10 year journey I would end up losing 3 parrots and each time I had to re-evaluate different areas of what I was doing wrong and how I can fix it for the future of my current birds and also for my followers so they can learn from my mistake. I spend most of my days researching, reading, watching videos and thinking about parrots. No matter how far advanced I feel I am, I’m still open to learning more as I need to keep my birds enriched. So learning is a constant job for me.

I started attending workshops and programs to help with my development in my parrot journey. I follow a lot of Barbara Heidenreich’s work and graduated from Dr. Susan Friedman’s LLA course. I would love to start travelling and attending workshops like Steven Martin’s Natural Encounters however finances prohibit me from being able to continue my journey in that direction. I’m not discouraged though, I feel I will get there when the time is right! This is still just the beginning.

Even without being able to attend overseas workshops, I continue to use positive reinforcement to train my own flock. I have had the pleasure to train a family that had taken a set of re-homed cockatiels from me to help socialize the birds to all members of the family and reinforce the step up motion that I had instill in them before they left my home. It warmed my heart when the whole family was taking turns stepping up the pair of cockatiels without being bit. I will continue to offer my services to people in need in hopes that every owner can experience the joy of parrot ownership like I do.

I truly believe that through positive reinforcement all behavioral issues can be resolved. Also I want every parrot owner to feel and experience a lifelong bond with their companion parrot and that can be achieved through training and taming. I’m a big advocate for fully flighted parrots because I have seen the difference it makes with a parrot’s confidence and self-esteem levels. Parrots have become a HUGE part of our lives. I wake up in the morning with my first thought on, I have to train the birds, my next thought is whats for breakfast for them, how can I make their foraging activity perfect for their complexity level, what toys can I intrigue them with today, What’s for lunch, what training am I going to focus on for their evening training session and then whats for dinner. In between all this, I’m catering to my 4 kids, cleaning the house, watching videos on Applied Behavior Analysis, looking up parrot nutrition, trying to find more options for foraging toys that I can make and taking in my daily nap. Even when I’m at work, I’m reading parrot books on my breaks and lunch and I miss my parrots deeply when I’m gone. Life with parrots is hectic, expensive and time consuming but I wouldn’t change it for the world and the fact that you are here makes me feel like you either know and wouldn’t change it for the world either or your just about to learn! I hope this site helps you on your journey and answers any questions you may have.

This site is being operated by my son, Junior Jay and I so if you have any questions please go to Contact us and we will respond!

Happy Parenting Parrots!

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    • Glad you enjoyed it! I haven’t been updating it recently but I’ll be more consistent once September comes around! It was great meeting you!!

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