.022I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada to two loving parents….. bla, bla, bla that’s the boring part! hahaha! I have a son and two daughters. I have seven parrots and my son has 1 reptile (Now we have 2 rabbits, added in 2017). I live in an apartment on the highest floor in a building. I want to make this website my full time job alongside writing books for a living.

023I graduated from my 3 year program at Centennial College for Broadcasting for Radio, Television and Film. I did my internship at Cityline. This blog is my way of being able to combine my writing passion with a bit of broadcasting and of course with my love for parrots. I write poetry but I also wrote a children’s book. I just need to push to get it published…. I think it’ll be a hit! Everyone who reads it, dies of laughter and loves it!

Anyhow I’m by far not an EXPERT! But I share my life with parrots so who better to talk about them then someone who lives and loves them. Plus I like to read posts from regular people who have been through trial and error and are just learning as they go. So I decided why not start my own website because a lot of topics I try to research for advice, I can’t find one normal person blogging about it!! So I’m hoping that I can help others out there and possibly people can help me also!

034This site is being operated by my son, Junior Jay and I so if you have any questions please go to Contact us and we will respond!

Happy Parenting Parrots!


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    • Glad you enjoyed it! I haven’t been updating it recently but I’ll be more consistent once September comes around! It was great meeting you!!

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