Welcome Maui!


On Wednesday November 6th, 2019 I was contacted by a lady I spoke with 2 years ago at the parrot supply store. I couldn’t recall who she was but she wanted to re-home her bird to me. She stated her husband had allergies and asthma that was acting up and they were under the impression that this bird was causing it. We spoke for a bit on the phone and then she sent me some pictures. I forgot to contact her back that night. On Thursday, she messaged me again. I advised her I have never paid for a rehome so I wouldn’t be able to take her in and gave her suggestions on how to help with the bird dander. She said she had tried all of those suggestions. So although I was not going to pay her asking price,something about this bird was nagging me to take her in. This little beauty was a 3 year old White Capped Pionus who was purchased from the breeder and has been in this family her whole life. She was only eating Zupreem Naturals and 2 Almonds a day. I was so hesitant. I wasn’t sure I was ready to take on a re-home again so when my friend told me she would take her in if I found it to be too much, I thought great! I agreed to take in 3 year old Maui and said I’ll come pick her up in a week but they were ready to move her so the night of Friday November 8th, 2019 @ approx. 8pm, Maui joined our flock.

Name: Maui

Type of Parrot: White Capped Pionus

Sex: Female

Birthdate: April 2016

Wing Status: Fully Flighted

Favorite food: Almonds (previous owner said)

Noise Level: Quiet so far

Training progress: She won’t come near me

Tricks: None yet

Talking Ability: Unknown

Favorite Toy: Unknown


Diet: Zupreem Naturals

Treats: Almonds

Cage: Open Dome top – 26″ wide and 62″ high and 19″ deep (this is her cage from the previous owner)
Vet Visit: Never

Next Steps: Get her used to my presence and taking treats from me.

Her cage that she was given to me with

Parenting Parrots

1 thought on “Welcome Maui!

  1. Welcome beautiful Maui! So glad Ur here!!! I’m sure once she relaxes and adjusts to her new environment she will blossum in your care no doubt!!

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