Poicephalus Family… Some I Have Never Seen

Pookie, 1 years old (Brown Headed Parrot)

If you truly follow my blog you would know by now that the very first poicephalus bird I had the pleasure of knowing was a beautiful Senegal parrot named Chico. After Chico, my son constantly asked for a senegal parrot but my heart wouldn’t allow me to replace Chico. I think that turned my son away from birds a little because although he engages with them, he isn’t as connected to any as he was bonded to Chico.

Pookie, our brown headed parrot came to us in September of 2018 and he is part of the poicephalus family. Apparently brown heads are rather rare which I never knew. He is sweet like Chico was but he doesn’t mess with the kids too much which all comes down to training and interactions. Anyhow these are the two poicephalus parrots I have been lucky to encounter but there is so much more.

The Poicephalus parrots I’m aware of are:
Brown Heads
Niam Niam

On this list there is a few I have never seen so if you have seen them please send me a picture because I would LOVE to see them. I have NEVER seen a yellow-faced parrot because every time I google them, the only thing that comes up is yellow headed amazons. A yellow-faced parrot apparently looks like a Jardine’s parrot except it sports a lighter green and of course yellow around the face. They can be found in Ethiopia. I would love to see one.

Next on this list that I have yet to have the pleasure of meeting or seeing is the “Niam Niam Parrot”. They are similar to Brown Heads but bigger in size. They only exist in the wild.

Every other bird on this list, I have seen, interacted with or met. However I think I would like a Ruppell’s parrot but trying to find one in Canada is like looking for a needle in a haystack but if it’s meant to be than it will be.

So that is it for the Poicephalus family. I like this group of parrots. They have good demeanors, friendly dispositions and are not considered to be loud vocally. They can learn words and tricks and in my opinion, they are a great family parrot.

Internet pic of a Ruppell Parrot

Parenting Parrots

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