Microgreens = Healthy Parrots


On this quest of a natural raw food diet for my parrots comes the addition of Microgreens. Getting into the microgreens was a fear of mine just like sprouting, although I can sprout, I’m definitely not an expert (yet). Microgreens presented the same type of fear because I can’t keep plants alive so I thought for sure I wasn’t going to be successful at growing microgreens.

6 days of growing

The above picture was taken after 6 days of growing these radish microgreens. I had them on my window sill and as you can see they look all wild, just growing all over the place. Also I only read the directions that were on the outside of the box not the inside at this time. I wasn’t impressed with this outcome, it was just like “okay, great, so when can the birds have them” type of feeling. I had to ask the avian group I’m in on Facebook to find out when they could be served. I was advised that once they have leaves they can be served. So these were ready. I recorded the below video but still didn’t feel satisfied with the results so I decided to follow the instructions that were inside the box to see if it would make a difference and BOY, YES IT DID!!!

So, only after a day of following the instructions on the inside of the box, I went from feeling like it’s whatever to O.M.G I’M IN LOVE!! I absolutely love them growing straight up and looking so beautiful. I’m impressed and now excited to add this to me and my parrots’ diet.

The above picture is day 8 of growing these radish microgreens. I already chopped some off as you may have seen in the video but they are still growing and looking stunning! I attempted to grow 3 different microgreens: Radish, Sunflower and Argula. Out of the 3, Radish has been the easiest to grow as there were absolutely no complications or worries. My parrots accepted the little bit of microgreens they received with no issues, so that also showed me that this was definitely an addition I would like/want to continue. With that said, you better believe Microgreens is a MUST when doing a raw whole food diet for parrots.

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