Frustrated to say the Least!


I want my parrots on a whole raw food diet! IS there actually such a thing? Because right now it feels like everywhere I turn to for help, education, suggestions and ideas is basically selling PRODUCTS!!!!! So now I need to take a step back and say HOLD UP!!! Is it or is it not possible to feed parrots a whole raw food diet??!

I thought I found the perfect group on Facebook that is run by Dr. Jason Crean. He is a very nice man and I’m sure has very good intentions but since joining that group, I’ve spent at least $1,000 dollars (not including appliances I bought) trying to follow their recommendations and I’m still no closer to feeling like I’m on the right path then I did in the beginning. I purchased their suggested teas (which I still love btw, hahaha), raw nuts (which I already bought anyways so no different than usual), freeze dried worms and crickets (now that was new), Texas Naturals Freeze Dried ($83.20 for 3 little containers with shipping and handling – see picture below), Tops Organic Dream mix bundle ($189.34 plus 52.77 for custom fees) and I’m waiting for Abby Amazon to get the China Prairie products for the rest of this dry food mix. Then I will mix it all together and pray that it lasts me a few months since it will only be given to them once a day. However with all that being said, of course they are not forcing anyone to purchase the products, it is just their recommendation. With this dry mix, pellets are still included regardless of the fact that it is cold-pressed vs. being heated. As I stated before, the African Greys, I met that were in their late 50’s, early 60’s, their owners stated they never knew what a pellet was etc. So I was striving for the same concept ( I wish I took their information now) because they obviously are doing something right. I’ve never seen Dr. Jason Crean’s birds except for his babies so I can’t really say anything about their condition, I can only go off of what he claims. As for his partner, Lou from Parrotsrus on Instagram she has a great flock that includes a Toucan, 2 hyacinths macaw, a Harlequin Macaw and an African grey. All are in great shape as she shows them all the time. The Congo African Grey has plucked his chest feathers when he was about 7 years old and he is 25 now but he is still bare unfortunately however she just started feeding her flock this way about 3 years ago I believe.

Anyways after spending nearly $500 CAD to try and make their dry food mix, I got discouraged. I still have toys, fruits and veggies that I need to buy for them so this dry mix just wasn’t feasible for the Canadian dollar. When I complained about it not being more financially manageable they suggested I duplicate what I can within my country. When I see a recipe or something I’d like to follow, I like to follow it EXACTLY the way it is before changing anything so that suggestion didn’t work for me. Not to mention, I’m already busy with training, cleaning and coming up with foraging ideas that I don’t have the time to sit down and try and figure out how I can duplicate a mix within my own country. OH well, IF this mix lasts me a few months it will end up being worth it but thats a BIG IF!

Next, I joined another facebook group that advertised their name as REAL RAW FOOD. When I first inquired with the owner I was extremely excited about the group so much so that I even recommended it to another avian fellow of mine but within a few interactions I realized this lady too is pushing her product line. Now, I understand that everyone out here needs to make a dollar. HELL, if I’m spending 500 dollars just to feed my flock a dry mix, I need to find a way to make those dollars back too but with that being said, does no one want to just help out fellow parrot owners?!?

So with all this being said, I’m still feeding my parrots Harrison pellets plus a fruits and veggie chop with sprouted items and soaked nuts. I also now offer them the avian teas and that’s currently where I am regarding their nutrition. I will be stopping Harrisons completely and I’ll explain all about that in another post but let me just say I have enjoyed feeding Harrison’s over the past 7 years. Grayson, my 7 year old African grey has never plucked a day in his life and he has been through MANY, MANY changes. Now was that due to Harrisons or just me being the great parrot parent I am? Hahaha, who knows but I give Harrisons credit for that. Now, I do feel that Harrisons is NOT a good option for parrots who can suffer from fatty liver disease. I lost my 2 parrots who both were on Harrisons and both were prone to fatty liver disease. Now was Harrisons to blame? Maybe NOT! But these are little things that I take notice of.

Anyways I have more data on that, that I will post another time. So if you are interested in hearing about that, definitely follow our blog as we go through being a parrot owner.


1st Step to My Parrots’ Nutritional Change


When I first started looking into the Avian Raw Whole Foods Nutrition, I was OVERWHELMED! I never knew where or how to start, what to do and what not to do, how to make sure all nutritional needs were being met. So, the first thing I did was take a step back and join Dr. Jason Crean’s facebook group called “Avian Raw Whole Food Nutrition” and read all the files in the file section. I took a deep breath and watched his Inflammation webinar that he did with Lara Joseph and commented on how excited I was by the information I just learned. Lou from ParrotsRUs responded and told me to go to their website for avian approved products.

I went to to see what it had to offer and there I found . This site is dedicated to Teas for animals. This was my very first step to transitioning my parrots from a pelleted based diet to a Raw Whole Food Nutritional way of eating. Why tea? Well I have been hearing about tea for birds for awhile. I was actually going to just try buying loose leaf decaffeinated Black tea for my Lories but I’m always hesitant to try anything with my parrots without being at least 90% sure that is it a good product for them. So I worried about what might be in the black tea and if it would truly be okay for me to serve to Lories. To get to the point, I didn’t just go out and buy the loose leaf tea. Which I am truly happy about now because I found Greywood Manor and they specialize in Avian Tea along with tea for other animals.

I feel confident in giving my parrots this tea because Dr. Jason Crean and other parrot owners provide it to their parrots and have not had any bad side effects. I also trust Greywood Manor Provisions Tea because they use all natural products that your parrots can get access to in the wild. Currently they carry 8 different options for Avian tea on their website.

  1. Pretty Plume = This is to make your parrot look their very best!
  2. Serene Tea = This is to help calm your little friend’s nerves.
  3. Hormone Havoc = This is perfect to help your parrots when hormone season comes around, to help manage those hormones.
  4. Cool and Soothe = This tea is to help heal bird inflammation
  5. Clean and Pure = This is to detoxify your parrot’s body.
  6. Empower House = This is to help balance their immune system.
  7. Iron Out = Is only for birds with iron sensitivities. It can not do anything about the iron that is already in the birds’ body but it is suppose to bind to any future iron that is digested and stop it from being absorbed.
  8. Nutri-Sob = This tea is suppose to help the bird’s body absorb the nutrients it needs and support a healthy weight.

There names pretty much speak for themselves. They come in 3 different sizes: 3oz, 6oz and 10oz. They are all hand blended and can be used in a variety of ways: Cool Brew, Hot brew so these ways are served as a tea, dry over your parrots chop of fruits and veggies or as a spray to be applied topically. My parrots don’t like to be misted but I have tried every way. So far, so good I must say. This will definitely become a regular in their diet especially because once made it can last up to 3 days in the Fridge so you don’t have to make it fresh everyday!

Variety is key to lots of things so switch up the teas every day. If you use Pretty Plume on Monday, do Clean and Pure on Tuesday etc. Remember no one likes the same thing day in and day out! Pretty Plume is the only one I put in the spray bottle, every other tea would be applied as a tea or dry over their chop. Well I hope this article helped, if you have any questions please put them in the comments below and check out the YouTube video at the end of this article to actually see how I make these teas.

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