Monthly Parrot Cleaning Schedule

Do you have a cleaning schedule? I just felt like my life was spiraling out of control and everything was getting half done and half not done. So recently, I started a cleaning schedule, along with my family schedule and eating/sprouting schedule. So many schedules but with 4 kids another on the way, a job, blogging, YouTube, 8 parrots, 5 axolotls and a bearded dragon it just seemed necessary. So it’s only been 2 months in the making but these two months have been the most peaceful that my life has felt in the last 5 years, hahaha.

So I personally don’t like to read long blogs and I have a few of them up here hahaha (some topics just need more time unfortunately). I decided to break my cleaning schedule up for you guys and not have it all in one. I hope this helps some people with cleaning up after their parrots and if you have any suggestions for me please let me know.

So my monthly clean is done once a month on the first Saturday of the month. May 2019 will be my 3rd month trying this and so far I feel very content with how its all coming together and I have more time to spend with my beauties.

Kodak, Black lory and Rasta, Green Naped Lorikeet

My monthly routine I believe is pretty standard, I also have a daily routine and a weekly routine which I will share with you, so that really helps my monthly routine.

  • Wash your parrot’s entire cage thoroughly – This can be done via hand washing with a bucket of Dawn dish washing liquid and a cloth. You can also put it in your shower if it is small enough or bring it outside and power wash it. Whichever works best for you is the one you should implement once a month.
  • Vacuum your walls. You will be surprised at how much dust and dander resides there.
  • Laundry your curtains. This is only if your parrots go on your curtains otherwise you can just vacuum them because dust and dander will gather there too. My birds love sitting on the top of my curtains as it’s the highest perch in my apartment so washing my curtains is a must for me.
  • Vacuum your air filter. I assume all bird owners own one of these, without it I would be LOST! HAHAHA. Vacuuming your filter, I find helps it work more better and obviously clears it up to pick up more dander.

That is it for my monthly schedule. Look forward to my daily and weekly schedule to be posted shortly. Thank you so much for your time and please don’t forget to like and comment.

Parenting Parrots

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