Avian Tea

I have yet to try this as I want to make sure I purchase the right type of tea and I usually don’t post things until I have actually dipped my hands in the pot but I believe in this so didn’t want to keep it to myself any longer.

As many of you know I have lorikeets, I started looking for ways that I can stop their bodies from in-taking any iron. I know your probably thinking just avoid giving them products with iron. Well, I don’t give them products with iron but I’m still learning so just in case they do come in contact with something, I wanted a counteractive solution and this is what started me on my tea journey as I read more and more about black and green teas. But avian teas are not just for lorikeets, they go across the board as a great product for all birds. So let’s dive into the wealth of knowledge I’ve learned on teas.

Loose leaf teas are the type you want to purchase if you’re thinking of incorporating teas into your bird’s diet.

Green Tea: can contain caffeine so you need to make sure you buy the loose leaf and decaffeinate it using water.
– Regulate Cholesterol
– Helps with weight loss
– Reduces Blood Pressure
– Boosts the immune system (Rose and Hibiscus also does this)

Hibiscus also helps remove toxins from the body.

Black Tea: is perfect for my Lories/ Lorikeets as the tannins bind to dietary iron and prevent it from being stored in the liver. It can’t help the iron that is already there but it will prevent any more from going in so this tea is perfect for any birds that may suffer from iron storage disease.
– Maintain healthy blood vessels
– Promote a healthy blood flow
(Rose hips and hibiscus also helps to cleanse the blood, liver and kidneys). Dandelion is great for calcium (my African Grey would definitely benefit from this) and weight loss (great for birds with fatty liver issues ex. Galah Cockatoo and Quakers).

Different issues:
Respiratory – Rooibos tea, Red clover and lavender
Hormonal – Raspberry leaf and Red clover
Digestive – Peppermint, Chamomile and Rooibos tea

As you can see tea, flowers, herbs have a lot of advantages to helping our birds live longer and happier lives. I’m really excited to start using these items in these ways and see how my parrots react.

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