Top 10 Food to Avoid!!


Dairy – Birds do not produce the lactase enzyme so this can not be broken down in their bodies

Chocolate – Is not healthy and serves no purpose. It can cause vomiting, seizures and death

Dried Fruit – Usually contains Sulfides or Sulphates so let’s stick with the all natural method of fruits.

Avocado – Some people claim to have fed the flesh with no problem but I like to stay on the “better safe than sorry” side. This has been known to cause heart failure in birds.

Garlic – Contains Allicin which can cause anemia in birds.

Onions – Can also cause hemolytic anemia which can lead to death

Raw Honey – Contains Botulism

– I know we all have fed peanuts at one time or another but honestly with the dangers it can cause, I would stay away. Plus there is no nutritional value to them so doesn’t make sense to risk your parrot being exposure to Aspergillus when it can be avoided.

Cherry Pits & Apple Seeds
– Contains Amygdalin which releases Cyanide.

Mushrooms – Are considered a fungus so it’s another “better to be safe than sorry” situation.

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Feeding Parrots


This will be a constant battle for me and other parrot owners because we want what’s best for our birds but there is no complete diet out there and truth be told there will never be. Provide your birds with foraging opportunities using their pellets. Make sure you are giving them whole raw foods, oils and cooked food. Fruits and veggies are a must. Explore your parrot’s palate, make eating a fun activity. I love making dishes that can be used for the humans and parrots (less cooking/preparing for me hahaha).

Nutrition is so important because it plays a HUGE role in your parrot’s development, health, bodily functions and in my personal opinion their overall demeanor. I found that when my parrots were eating better and getting more of a variety they seemed friendly, more willing to interact with others and calmer.

So let’s look at a few things briefly. The best way for a parrot to get their Omega-3’s is via nuts. I feed my parrots Pine nuts (yes a bit expensive), I use it as their training treat and that way I know for sure they are getting an intake of their Omega 3’s. Other seeds that offer Omega 3’s are walnuts, Brazil nuts and Pecans. Flax seeds I have recently started to use but only about once a week in its soaked form.

My go-to oil is coconut oil. Not only for the humans but also the parrots in our lives because it is a very versatile oil, It offers antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties.

I know a lot of owners who feed their parrots dairy but listen, parrots do not produce milk therefore they do not produce the enzyme required to breakdown dairy so I would refrain from giving birds’ milk. Now I have no problem with providing them with Almond milk or a milk that is made from a nut as they eat the nut anyways but actual milk like cow’s milk or goat milk would be a big no-no on my list.

I personally am incorporated more sprouting and soaking into my birds diets as it seems to be the best enzyme. Try to feed your parrots as much food in it’s raw form as possible as that’s really the only way to guarantee that they are getting the full nutrients that those foods have to offer.

Food is our medicine not just for humans but for parrots as well. Many sick people and birds have been diagnosed with illness that require medication. A lot of people have turned to food for their healing and it’s worked….

Food for thought!!

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