Life with a Parrot (S)


Life with a parrot is hard just like life raising a child is hard. The two go hand in hand. A lot of times I find myself pondering what can I do with my birds to make them come out to be the perfect birdy. Sometimes we watch a Youtube video and the bird seems so perfect and I’m sitting here wondering, where is the manual that can teach us, parrot owners the full 100% guaranteed way to get a perfect bird? Where is it? If you know please let me know because my life’s work has basically become focused on trying to teach my followers and subscribers the best way to get the most out of any parrot.

I’ve bought books, cds, dvds, online programs, took expensive classes but I feel I’m still left with a blank feeling. I’m still left with the question… Okay, where do I start, how do I do this? I’ve owned birds for almost a decade and I think my birds are great but I see so much more potential in them that I haven’t been able to get to. So for the month of  December 2018, I’ve decided to truly focus on what I know and try to implement what I think every parrot owner needs to do to unlock their parrot’s full potential. This month is going to be so interesting because my plan of making an income via just blogging and becoming a Youtuber so I can stay home with my birds didn’t pan out so now I’m going back to the workforce and I have to figure out a way to do this without my parrots’ feeling neglected. The good thing is I believe this lets me be able to relate to the average parrot owner.

Well, there is something I want every parrot owner to realize, anytime you feel a strain on  your relationship with your feathered friend, I always believe in bringing it back to the basics and starting all over again. Regardless of your history, I believe even though things may not be forgotten, they can be forgiven and trust can be built but ONLY if you TRULY want it. Growing up they used to always say, “Don’t show fear the dog can sense it”. The same concept goes for Parrots. They can sense your emotions and if your not sincere the parrot won’t want anything to do with you either. So think about that for a sec.

Anyhow Like, comment and follow us and don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel as we are getting ready for December and I think this will be very rewarding for many parrot owners that may be pondering on the same questions or at least feeling similar to how I’m feeling.

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