Bird Butler

I love this!! Let me first explain why I even thought of switching.

I gave all my parrots water bowls and just did the same thing for the last couple of years – change the water twice a day but even with me changing it twice a day, the water was still being contaminated and would stay that way until I got to it. Some days that would be 8-10 hours as I was gone to work. I didn’t like that. I also didn’t like the thought of birds drinking their bath water. HOW DISGUSTING IS THAT?? Imagine, if we had to drink our bath water… I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t be drinking water until I was dying for thirst. So I didn’t like those thoughts. Birds make their water into soup sometimes by putting their food into it. Can you picture the bacteria that might grow in a soupy water bowl in 10 hours? I can and I didn’t like the thought! So the first upgrade would be from a water bowl to a water bottle. (mind you I still have some birds who have water bowls but that’s slowly changing).

So let’s talk about the average water bottle. Wonderful idea… That eliminates the birdy baths so CHECKMARK! However it still didn’t eliminate the bacteria growth from contaminated water problem…. You see it definitely DECREASED it but didn’t eliminate it. What happens, is that birds when they go to drink from the water bottle can put food right into the entry drink passage causing that water bottle to still get contaminated meaning the health issue is still there. Most of my birds have water bottles but just like the water bowl… That’s slowly changing…. So that brings us to the wonderful, amazing, expensive Birdie Butler.


The Birdie Butler eliminates the bath water problem and it eliminates the contaminated water problem AND it stops me from having to change the water twice a day. I now only change it once a day. It has a metal tap so nothing from outside can get inside the bottle. And you can get different textures of the valve – stainless steel or heavy metal. For Grayson, my African Grey I got the heavy metal valve but when I get around to purchasing one for the rest of my flock it may be stainless steel as no one has as strong as a beak as Grayson. It is an expensive version of a water bottle but I like the whole concept of it. Prices range from $70CAD for a 16oz bottle to $50CAD for a 7oz bottle.


My recommendation is GET IT!!!

Watch below for our Video on this topic…

Parenting Parrots

2 thoughts on “Bird Butler

    • Hi Lyn,
      I did see your message on YouTube, I’m looking back at my order so I can tell you the exact size and type I ordered. You will hear from me soon!!

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