Kodak Goes to the Vet


On April 27th, 2018 I brought Kodak to the vet to get his wellness check done and have a physical. He passed everything with flying colors and I was a happy mommy. Well if you read my sneezing post that was about him. I didn’t want to but I had to bring him to the vet because I didn’t want to risk losing him after the year that I had with losing birds. So to be on the safe side, I ran to the vet.

She looked him over, opened his wings, looked into his eyes, into his mouth, felt his vent basically did another physical and couldn’t find an issue with him at all. So she prescribed Rheumocam 1.5ml every 12 hours. Rheumocam is an anti-inflammatory drug which I believe is usually used for dogs but I guess can be used for any animal. The issue here is that she couldn’t find any evidence of an infection or issue but felt that just in case he came in contact with an irritant that he may be allergic to, we should use this Rheumocam. We could also be in the very early stages of an infection but she didn’t want to treat for an infection when he didn’t have one. So even though he wasn’t showing any proof of an inflamed throat or anything, she felt this may help open up any issues he may be having and stop the sneezing. I don’t like giving drugs period but I have seen a decrease in his sneezing already even though we haven’t made it to 48 hours since seeing the vet yet.

I think the issue is Grayson. My spray bottle broke and I haven’t gone to the dollar store to buy another one so Grayson is very dusty. The reason I say it’s Grayson because I moved Kodak but Rasta is now where Kodak was and I hear Rasta doing some sneezing (now he could just be mimicking Kodak). I’m going to put Grayson in the shower even though he hates that because my shower perch is missing a suction cup so he has to go in the actual tub which he is not a fan of. But I’m hoping Rasta stops and Kodak is good and this scare of SNEEZING will be a thing of the past.

Sorry, I never expected this post to be this long but the real reason I wanted to write it is because in April I spent 353 CAD dollars for Kodak, this most recent visit on July 10th, 2018 cost me $170 CAD and let’s not forget Kodak plus shipping was almost 1200 CAD dollars. In less than a year that’s $1,723 CAD and that’s not including his toys or food. I can’t stress enough how much birds can cost and how they are not cheap. I was always working before so I never watched my money as much as I am now and with currently 5 parrots, I’m now seeing the financial burden that parrots can put on your pocket but I love them so much, I’m willing to be broke for them (well I make my sacrifices for them). However, I would be lying if I didn’t say I hope I don’t have to go back to the vet until next year when Kodak needs his checkup. I seriously wished pet insurance included parrots I would DEFINITELY buy it.

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Can’t We All Just Get Along


I always wanted my parrots to all get along so I could take them out together and not have to worry, but I have yet to accomplish this and it definitely bothers me because if I have all the birds out I know there are certain birds that have to be in their cages. It really affects the out of the cage time.

I’m trying to go back to the books to see if there is still a way I could accomplish this but I haven’t found the answer yet. I know all about the “pecking order”, quarantine time, slowly introducing them and always doing stuff with the bird you had first before doing it with the newer bird, calling the bird the first bird’s bird. For example: “Grayson’s Ringo” and making sentences with both their names being included however I have still failed at having them all make friends. Grayson lets Rasta preen him when Rasta is out but Grayson needs to still be in his cage or else having them both out will end up in fights. Ringo and Rasta don’t really get along but they will tolerate one another for a bit until they chase after each other. Purrain doesn’t like any other bird, she will go out of her way to attack them even when they are minding their own business and Kodak is cool as long as they aren’t around his playing area or on me then he doesn’t care.

But I want them to make friends, to be a family, so what am I doing wrong? I’m still researching and I’ll keep trying but it’s just so frustrating as they could have so much more fun if they could just be out together. All in due time I hope I can stop saying, “CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?”

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Sneezing Parrot


We are in July! It’s summertime! I want to take the parrots out and about! When it’s really hot, I have to use the air condition a lot as I live on the 15th floor which is the top floor in my building and of course heat rises! So, recently I started hearing my Kodak, my Black Lory sneezing quite a bit, like literally a few times every hour even when sleeping. I can’t recall hearing him do that before so I’m a little on edge, what could have changed in his environment to make him start sneezing? Is it lack of sleep as the kids are up longer? Is it because of the use of the air condition? My air filter needs to be changed, could it be too dusty for him? Does his cage need to be cleaned more? Does he need different bedding? Or has my baby become ill and is going through a cold?

So many questions but yet no answers. It is a HORRIBLE feeling. I want to run and bring him to the vet but I don’t want to bring him as the vet isn’t cheap and if it’s just an environmental change that needs to be done, I would have wasted my time. So I’m going to try and do a checklist of the above and see if the sneezing stops, I’m giving it 10 days from today and if it hasn’t stopped straight to the vet we go. Now, knowing how fast a bird can decline some of you may be wondering why I would risk waiting 10 days well let me tell you why.

I weigh my birds every morning, his weight hasn’t changed if it does before 10 days is up, I will go straight to the vet. Next, his activity levels, eating, and behavior has not changed however we know that parrots can mask their illnesses very well so that really is hard to base it on. The sneezing is not accompanied by any mucus at all, his nares have remained clear and dry if I do see any I will take him before the 10 days is up.

When he gets up tomorrow the plan is to clean his cage, remove everything out of it and just add back stuff one by one to see if any of the items could be triggering his sneezing. I doubt this is the issue as nothing in his cage is new but you never know. I will move his cage to another section of the house and also clean my air filter as maybe it’s full and not clearing the air as good as it should be. I will also dust and clean down the apartment to make sure there are no dusty particles lying around. I have recycled bedding here but I think that would be dustier but I will try it for a few days as it’s something new and keep changing his bedding to see if anything makes a difference. I just want his sneezing to stop or decrease. I have asked a lorikeet group about the sneezing and they seem to think it’s normal but no one has answered to say if their black lory does it at night time or not so I’m on edge. I have asked two other females who have black lories and I’m waiting to hear back from them but until then I guess I have a sneezing lory on my hands. Wish us luck!

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