Sprouting Seeds

Here I go embarking on another journey of trying to sprout seeds. I tried this already and FAILED miserably! I’m seriously hoping this does not bring about the same results. I have a specific sprouting container but after my first few failed attempts years ago, I threw away the instructions so this is what I’m going to do… WING IT!

The inner container has holes at the bottom so that’s why I call it the inner container. I’m going to put it inside the closed container, add water and put the closed lid on top and leave it like that for 8 hours. Every 8 hours I will rinse the seeds off and continue doing the same thing for 3 days or until the seeds look sprouted. I believe the “sprouted” look is when it creates a V so that’s what I’m looking for. If I’m incorrect about the sprouted look PLEASE someone tell me!

My first try I had just used a seed mix. This time I’m only using sunflower seeds. I figure it will be easier if I keep to one specific seed. Once I feel this is successful than I can try a seed mix again. WISH ME LUCK!

I’m really bad at gardening and keeping plants and stuff alive so sprouting actually scares me. But I like to offer my birds a variety of things so if sprouting is really great for them than this is what I need to master.

Parenting Parrots

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