The Mealworm Meal

Reading these sites, trying to educate myself more, I’ve come across the introduction of live mealworms being offered to parrots. It may be to help their protein levels or you can use this especially for breeding pairs. So I thought why not try with my birds. They have only eaten pellets, seeds, sprouted seeds, cooked food, fruits and veggies since being with me. Plus we always have mealworms here for the bearded dragon.

I figured all the other birds are already set in their ways so the only one who might eat these would be Purrain, my violet Indian Ringneck because she is still a baby. However, I just put it in her food bowl with nothing else in there and Purrain was not having it. She came over to look at them in her bowl, eyed them for a bit, even touched them and then she moved away. I guess she doesn’t need more protein in her diet, hahahaha.

I haven’t tried mealworms with the rest of my flock as yet but I definitely plan too. I  like the idea of them having a diverse palate and being able to have a variety of food. Just the thought of them eating worms is GROSS but to have something new to be able to offer them makes it all worth it. I’m especially excited about this because it is something that they would have been able to enjoy in their natural habitat. I’m still looking to see if I can obtain more branches with bark so this is just one step in the right direction.

If you’re bored or you think your feathered friend could use a change or needs more protein this is the perfect thing to try.

Parenting Parrots

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