Multi-use Stand

I made connections with a carpenter that makes bird homes and stuff. I was really eager for different things for my parrots as I’m  bored with the regular stuff I have and I want to sell them and get new things, after all, everything I have is almost 10 years old now and while Grayson is used to them, the other parrots have only had a year or 2 the most with them but still I think they need to go. So she sent me this multi-use bird stand and I thought okay cool, yea I can use that BUT then she said $200!!!


Audrey-Aviary Homes

I get it. It’s handmade, laminate finish, use for indoor and out and it can be used for different things like training or as a car seat plus it has wheels to wheel around… I would get it but for $100, not $200. Unfortunately, the saying does say you get what you pay for and I love the finish but when I can get a whole standing bird stand that comes with wheels and a removable tray for 150, I can’t justify this being 200 so, unfortunately, I won’t be adding this new perch set to my accessories. But I do have to say it is ABSOLUTELY a beautiful make and if one day I have extra cash that I can do without I may look into acquiring one… Maybe one day.

What do you think? Would you add it? Is it worth it? Am I wrong?

Parenting Parrots


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