Facts about My Parrots


They can become bossy if allowed and they are quick to use their beaks.

African Greys:

Definitely, like a child. Observes and mimics EVERYTHING!

Indian Ringnecks:

Very Consistent in their personalities traits. What you see is definitely what you get


Breeding pair sold on kijiji – great deal.. I couldn’t resist

Fast Learners


Juju, the Quaker parrot we parrot sat

Very vocal

Galah Cockatoos:

Can be shy and reserved or very affectionate

Lovebirds & parrotlet

I believe lovebirds are feisty little birds that have no fear and the same concept goes for parrotlets but my experience has been that Lovebirds can deliver a nasty bite but if tended to with lots of attention they can be very loving. With parrotlets I have only come in contact with breeding pairs so I’m not sure of their personalities but I do know that they have never went to bite me yet so I will say they are slow to use their beak.

Parenting Parrots

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