Do You Know What Your Parrot Likes?

I go to the pet store and I’m just picking up things I like or that I think looks like fun etc but since starting to make my parrids’ toys I actually want to get things that they actually like. For example does your birds like bells?

I was told this toy was great for conures and maybe it is but I’ve given it to 3 black capped conures and NONE of them were interested in it. So maybe this is more for a sun conure or a Jenday Conure possibly a Blue Crowned Conure but I wouldn’t recommend it for Black Caps. Every parrot is an individual so you might find a black-cap that loves it but after trying it with 3, I’ll stay away. Technically I just bought a toy that does not serve it’s purpose… I will now have to try it with my Indian Ringnecks and hope it has more success.

I’m tired of spending money on toys that my birds aren’t into so I’ve learned to put my observational skills into play here and actually find out what each of my birds like. Now I’ll be able to make toys that they will actually have interest in. I’m sure I have so much more to learn but so far I think I’m on the right path.


Grayson, my African grey likes to swing on things. As long as he can swing on it, it doesn’t matter what it is: rope, chain, wood etc you name it and he’ll use it. With that being said he also likes wood. The thick wood that I would be giving an amazon parrot but not quite as big as for a macaw but close enough. Purrain, my Indian Ringneck prefers foam material. Ringo, my male Indian Ringneck loves balsa wood. Those are just a few examples, so what about you? What kind of parrot/s do you have and what type of toys do they gravitate to?

Parenting Parrots

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