Hawkhead School

Hawkheads are apparently very difficult for the average person, You can have a Dr. Jerkyel and Mr. Hyde or you can get a sweet, cuddly, always affectionate one. I’m sure we all know which one I would prefer! The word on the street is that it comes down to Socializing. The issue is: If I do get one it probably won’t be ready until September which limits my socializing options… But I will figure it out even though it might mean traveling with the bird when it’s a bit chilly outside which I don’t like.

This is where a really good breeder comes into place. A breeder who properly socializes the bird will definitely make your job easier as all you will have to do is continue. I don’t have a lot of friends so I feel a lot of my parrots aren’t socialized like I would like BUT I feel that can still be changed as long as your willing to work at it!

baby hh
It’s a journey that I’m nervous about because I think my flock is okay with who we currently have and we are all still mourning the loss of the other birds and I don’t want any of the current birds to feel like they are replaceable because trust me, they aren’t! However, I wouldn’t be getting this Hawkhead until September IF any of the eggs are fertile. Which is a big IF, apparently.

They aren’t easy to find or easy to breed. One breeder, I found said this was his first egg in 5 years! I’m the 2nd person on the list of 3 for him so I’m not sure if I will get him or not but in the meantime! I NEED TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL! When I say school, I’m referring to Hawkhead school, I need to find out what food is good for them, whats not! How to go about socializing them, cage size, the best type of toys etc…

I’m so nervous but yet so excited. The only downfall is that there are no SPECIFIC books on Hawkheads so I really don’t have a good reference guide. I’ve watched some youtube videos but nothing is teaching me something I don’t already know. I’ll keep searching!

Wish me luck as I continue on my journey to be the best parrot parent I can be for all of my babies!

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3 thoughts on “Hawkhead School

    • Might not be getting one anytime soon… Waiting to hear regarding price negotiation between me and the breeder Im hoping they can do my price but if not the search will continue… Once I get confirmation that he will be mine then I will start posting his baby pics and stuff…

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