Toy Making May Mondays!

So this was the end result of the original toy, it had foam pieces between the plastic toy and the bell. Purrain loved the foam pieces, so I re-made it in my version of course.

I took these butterfly foam pieces and pierced a hole through them. Then I added the wooden bead in the middle, folded the butterfly foam piece and put another hole on the other side and slide it on this toy. I wanted to make sure there was lots of different textures for Purrain to explore with so I added the loofah piece from a different worned out toy on top. Purrain went after this right away! I was so happy but she didn’t care for the loofah piece, only the foam and the wooden bead appealed to her.

These are great observations because now I know don’t bother giving her loofah toys. She is more of a foam and wood toy bird for now…. I will continue experimenting with her to see which items she truly enjoys so I can make sure my “making toys” are always appealing to her even though they might not actually be appealing to our eyes. HAHAHA

Parenting Parrots

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