I can not recommend this site enough. Go to for your creative DO-IT-YOURSELF toys! I love Kris Porter’s ideas! I have just recently started paying attention to her e-books and her website but it opens you to all these ideas and definitely has gotten my own creative juices working. You can see this in my Toys, toys, and more toys section.

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Kris’s picture

What I have learned over the last decade of interacting with parrots is that you NEVER stop learning and this is one of the many things that draws me to them. Their personalities, responses, beauty, intelligence and talent. No two birds will ever be the same despite how you interact with them. Kris Porter has turned my little apartment into a hide and seek playhouse for my birdies. She has made me feel better about leaving them at home and has definitely helped keep my toys cost low! I can’t recommend checking out her site enough! She also took the same program as me with Susan so I know her desire and heart strings are in the right place. Her activity books are free so there is no excuse not to get them.


Kris’s Picture

All this time, I assumed Kris was a boy but I just found out that Kris is actually a girl and I found that out by going on her website. It really didn’t matter but I guess because I seen “Kris” I just assumed, this just goes to show even names can be misleading at times. What I hate is seeing a “still” parrot. Kris promotes Parrot movement, activity and fun. She is all about parrot enrichment, which makes me feel connected to her. She may never know who I am but I will always be a fan!


Kris Porter

I also just found this site which is apparently her blog so I haven’t checked it out as yet but I definitely will because I’m a HUGE admirer. I have never met her but I feel like we share a bond. She is my “unknown” best friend. If your desire is to enrich your parrots more, I would recommend – following me of course hahaha but I would also recommend following Kris Porter and getting her activity book. If you go to her website and scroll to the bottom she has volume 1 and 2 right there to be downloaded. I haven’t checked out volume 2 as yet as I’m still working on volume 1 but I say GO GET IT NOW!!!

Parenting Parrots


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