Toy Making May Mondays!! – The Cutlery

Toys! GRRRR… The birds go through them so fast, I’m actually happy for out of the cage time as they can explore and do other things then damage their toys. When buying toys for parrots, this is what you expect them to do and what you WANT them to do because at least you know they are being stimulated and are taking out any type of energy out on their toys but it doesn’t make the facts any less true! I just spent 30 bucks on that toy and it lasted a day IF I’m lucky (this is especially true for Grayson) so now that I’m following Kris Porter’s Parrot Enrichment vol 1 – I’m a bit more happy because it’s not breaking my pocket to stimulate my parrids (parrot kids).

So today, I focused on reconstructing an old toy. I don’t remember what this toy originally looked like however, this was the end result.

I’m really not creative so I wasn’t sure what to do, anyhow I went to my pile of items and said let’s try these wooden cutlery pieces. I punctured a hole in them and made a tiny slit and slid 6 pieces onto it and BAM! I was done, totally new toy! I gave this toy to Purrain, my violet Indian Ringneck.

FYI – It lasted 2 days!

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1 thought on “Toy Making May Mondays!! – The Cutlery

  1. 2 days thats it lol Juju just toss her toys to fround and wantd me to pick them up “the typical toddler game” or she just likes to beat up her lil stuffed monkey… Occasionally she will nibble on accesories on her swing… But she is not really a toy kind of bird lol

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