Bird Carriers

I was going through my bird things, you know “trying to be organized” and I realized I have a LOT of bird carriers. I do have a lot of birds but do I really need so many different types of carriers?

1) I have two of those cat/dog carriers – they are in different colors hahaha. I know one is from what Kodak, my black lory was shipped in but why do I have the other one??

2) I have my travel hotel and that is pretty much Grayson’s. It’s for when we go out overnight and he needs a place to stay in. I used it as a temporary cage for my black lory when we first got him because I wasn’t sure of his size. You can’t see the whole cage in the below pictures but it gives you an idea. The cage is collapsible so that’s why I didn’t just go take a picture of it for you.

3) Then I have the wingabago but I have it with the acrylic door. I really want the wire door so I’ll be able to take the birds who aren’t harnessed trained out in it and they can get the benefits of the sun. Oh and my bowls somehow got removed so I need to reconnect those.

4) I have a pak-o-bird. It’s a nice backpack but I want the stroller part to place it in but of course, as usual, bird stuff are expensive so I’ll probably have to save for that. The bad thing about my bag is somehow it ended up on the balcony so it got sun-dyed in a sense, basically not making it that bright orange anymore. I’m a little bit disappointed about that HOWEVER, they are too expensive to throw away so as long as the inside is good… I’m good!

So those are my many different carriers. Each has there different advantages like the pakobird looks like a backpack no one needs to know there is a bird in there if you have all the flaps down so good for hiding. The travel hotel is great for a “mini” cage situation when you need to sleep out but it is also great for them to go outside and be able to get the sunrays in. The Wingabago is just a typical carrier. I can’t say I love it but I think if I had the wired door, I would be more happy with it. But it does get the job done. The cat/dog carriers are just there, nothing special. The one Kodak came in has an inside perch so I like that and again it’s a “no one has to know” situation. So different carriers for different situations.

Parenting Parrots

4 thoughts on “Bird Carriers

  1. Love those carriers…. I had a knapsack one too.. but I had to give it up recently… Juliet didn’t really like it … but she loves her pink stroller lol

    • Well at the end of the day, it really is about what they like isn’t it? Our opinion barely matters lol

  2. We just have a wingabago, and I think the parrots like the ability to see in all directions. It helps them feel safe – no predators sneaking up. We have a cover, but have only used it once. We have both doors, but keep the wire one on. It gets hot here in the summer, and the acrylic door does not allow enough ventilation. If we need to go out during snow, though, we can use the acrylic door. If we can remember where we put it….. Ha, ha! These are definitely first world problems.

    • Yea, the wingabago definitely gives them a clear 360 view. hahaha, goes to show how often you change the door!

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