My Dream Bird

If I had all the time in the world, I would probably have at least one of every parrot but the reality is I don’t, can’t, so won’t. But I do want my dream bird and since they could live until they are 50, I better get it now. Right now I have:

Grayson, the African Grey
Kodak, the Black Lory – specialized diet
Ringo, the grey Indian Ringneck
Rasta, the Green-Naped Lorikeet – specialized diet
Purrain, the violet Indian Ringneck

I re-homed:

Boss, the Peach-faced Lovebird
Marlee, the Green-naped Lorikeet

I just lost:

Piper, the Quaker Parrot
Nyx, the Black-Capped Conure

Also, let’s not forget:

Lola, the Galah Cockatoo

I’ve babysat/ been around other parrots such as:

Black Headed Caiques

I feel I have some good/bad experiences there and they each taught me a lot…
Lola taught me Birds must be flighted, Piper taught me that death can happen very quickly and Nyx taught me that no matter how down or depressed I am, I can not neglect my birds as it can have fatal consequences.

Now I want to add (Drumroll Please) a HAWK HEAD PARROT to my flock!!! Am I crazy? Maybe just a little. This bird is making me have to save, as it’s not an easy purchase. It will cost me the same amount as Lola, my Galah Cockatoo did but I’m still willing to save and get the bird because it is my dream bird and I want to be able to actually enjoy it before I get too old. Since I started seeing grey hairs already, I will assume that this is the best time… Now or never!

Research, research, research!!! I’ve contacted two breeders, I’m waiting to hear back if any of their eggs were fertile, I have my fingers crossed.

Wish me luck!!

Parenting Parrots

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