Parrot Sitting: Juju, a Quaker Parrot

IMG_20180502_085654_292.jpgWe had our first opportunity to parrot sit for a cobalt blue Quaker parrot named Juju. She stayed with us for a month and was an absolute joy to have around. We followed her mommy’s schedule for her while incorporating some training time. She was basically always out of her cage except if we went out or it was bedtime. Juju’s real name is Juliet but we stuck with JuJu while she was here.

She is 6 years old and just an absolute sweetheart. She will be missed. I took some footage of her for our Youtube channel (subscribe) so you can see a few videos of her time with us there.

Juju is now currently as I speak getting ready to go back home to her mommy and I’m excited for her because although they got to video call, it’s not the same as seeing each other in person.

Bye Juju! We hope to continue to see pictures of your growth and visit you every now and then.

Parenting Parrots

3 thoughts on “Parrot Sitting: Juju, a Quaker Parrot

    • Omg that seriously sucks I love quakers they are so talented, observant and cute! They have an annoying call at times but if trained out of it then your ears will be okay especially once they learn to talk

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