Update to Hospitalization – Nyx is Gone

NyxI got the call! The one call everyone hates. Nyx, my black capped beautiful conure passed away during the night by herself! I was beyond words, it felt like I was losing a child. My heart was broken into many, many pieces. Where am I/ where did I go wrong? I have never had issues with caring for parrots before but now in the same year, I lost two birds. What do I do?

Cry, cry, cry and cry.

I lost Piper and now I have to add Nyx to it too. My two beauties! I can’t believe it.

So I did what any multi-flock parrot owner would do, I took everyone to the vet and did bloodwork, fecal check and a physical examination (I’ll update each file as I go along).

Nyx died during the night alone at the vet from a really bad bacterial crop infection. I couldn’t afford to do anything for her funeral so unfortunately, I had to opt for a public service. The vet knew how much Nyx meant to me and they provided me with a little packet of her feathers and her foot band, along with a molding of her footprints and a condolences card from the doctor. I cried. I loved Nyx and I know Nyx loved me, I just hope Nyx knew I loved her.

I miss having a black cap around the house so I wanted another one, however, my heart is still too tender so I decided to just remember our good times and focus on the birds that I have left.

This year has definitely taught me a lot though. In a blink of an eye even with weighing and watching your parrot’s poop, they can go so fast. Please join me in praying that Nyx went with no to very minimal pain, that it was quick and that she knew she was loved.

Nyx, I am sorry for wherever I failed you ( I think I know where… look for my post called Depression next week) please, please, please forgive me. I love you dearly and I WILL FOREVER MISS YOU!!!


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2 thoughts on “Update to Hospitalization – Nyx is Gone

    • Thx it’s not the same. It feels so odd without having her around. I wish I had caught her crop infection earlier but I had no clue :(. At least I still have the videos of her on our YouTube channel that I can watch 🙂

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