Tossing Thursday!!

Today I decided to make a recipe out of the birdtricks cookbook. Yes, I have their cookbook. Actually, I think I have EVERYTHING they have ever made besides their newsletters. I know a lot of trainers look down on their methods and it is true their old methods are definitely not to be followed but they have been educated. I can say that because I recently purchased their “Family Friendly Parrot” online video – It’s SOOOO Misleading with that title but I’ll do a review on that tomorrow. Today let’s focus on the recipe.

I had Zucchini, Sweet Potato, turnip all cut into rounds and potato with carrots sliced to look like fries. Stick it in the oven and VIOLA! Complete! So it was quick (my favorite thing), most of the parrots ate it. Only Grayson and Purrain actually finished their servings but the kids and I enjoyed it also. Yes, we ate it too, after all, its regular veggies just baked. I was especially happy to see the kids eating it because I realized our diet SUCKS! So I’m really trying to get the kids to eat more healthy. Oh my gosh! I just realized I try to do too many things at once… I’m going to have to find a way to slow down.

Anyways, it wasn’t a favorite because not all the birds finished it but it is definitely doable. So I will say Yes to making baked chips and fries again.

Parenting Parrots

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