Training Sessions

I decided to implement 3 training sessions a day however I have only been able to continue doing 2. I really need to get up earlier in order to fit in that 3rd session so I put an alarm on my phone to make sure I get up and get going when I should.

Training sessions are meant to be fun and enjoyable when I’m waking up tired and miserable, fun and enjoyable is not happening. I love my parrots so I’ll get up and get going, eat my breakfast and start my training with a jig in my step. If you haven’t already, please read my best parrot post as that’s what we are working towards.

I will not put in actual set times because I don’t want the birds falling into a routine and if I miss or can’t keep up to it then they will be affected and act out. I think this is the issue for a lot of lashing out by parrots because they fall into a set schedule and when the human’s life changes, the parrot isn’t ready for it and therefore causes it to act out. The parrot is really just asking for their schedule back and unable to express it in any other way than screaming, biting and feather plucking.

I, once did a schedule for one of my parrots and it backfired greatly. Ringo, the Indian Ringneck was making so much progress but when I couldn’t keep up with the schedule due to my life changes, he started plucking. My beautiful grey Ringneck is now a grey bird with a lot of white fluff on his chest and belly. I miss the look of his soft grey feathers covering his whole body.

So training sessions is important to do whether you do it once a day or three times a day is up to you but please do not put them on a time schedule as it could be destructive if you need to alter it somehow.

Parenting Parrots

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