The Best Parrot

None of my parrots are the best parrots!!!! Grrr, how frustrating is that? To me, the best parrot is friendly (yes I’m using a label here but I think it’s the simplest term to use), outgoing and curious. My parrots are not those things. Outgoing and curious – sure but no one else can handle them except me… Well that’s about to change!!! I haven’t yet mastered training them to accept others but do not despair because that is my next step to work with each of my parrots to get them back on the right track. What life is a life stuck inside?? It’s not! I want my parrots to see the world with me, even If that only consists of us going from one family’s house to another. At least they will be out of this house and in a surroundings they don’t see all the time and around other people. Grayson, my African Grey is the only one who really got that but he doesn’t hesitate to intimidate so I’m determined to get that out of him and have that friendly grey I know he can be. But where do I start on my road to getting the perfect parrot?

I think I have to go back to the towelling method. The towelling method is just training a bird to accept being handled in a towel hence it will make vet visits and grooming a bit easier. I had started Grayson on this when I first got him but never remained consistent. So, this will be interesting to try and get him to accept the towel all over again. I believe with trials and errors I can be successful. Yes he is 5 but I’m a firm believer that it’s never too late to learn.

I will be doing this with all my parrots because I desire them all to have a good life and yes I still expect to make mistakes along the way as I expect them to make mistakes along the way but together I expect us to overcome.

It’s so exciting to me when I get a plan on a new training trial because it’s fun for me and stimulating for them. So make sure you follow us on here and subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up with the latest developments.

Parenting Parrots

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