The Importance of a Perch

Certain things are a necessity when having parrots like a cage or a bird room, food and water. However there is another necessity that I’m sure all birds have provided to them but might get overlooked. When you go showing for a cage, you will see that it comes with a few bowls: Food, water and an extra bowl that can be used for fresh foods or toys. Another thing it comes with is a wood dowel. Why is that?

Parrots stand on their feet 24/7 so they definitely need a perch to perch on. It’s great that cages come with this smooth wooden dowel but if it’s smooth, its give the parrots’ feet no texture to feel, nothing to grip, nothing to play with. So just throw out the wooden dowel? WAIT!!! Not quite yet….

You can keep the dowel and just cover it with Vetwrap to give it texture. I love it because it’s easy to apply and easy to remove. No scrubbing needed and it saves me from having to buy one less perch. Plus I’ll be putting that wooden dowel to good use.

Parenting Parrots

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