The Workout!

The baby is down for a nap, 2 kids are sick sleeping and only the toddler remains active. If I give her the laptop or phone with Moana on, she’ll sit still for the hour and some and I can take a nap. WAIT!! The birds need some attention… OH NO!! But I just want to take a nap but by the time I get back up, they will all be in sleep mode because it’ll be close to their bedtime. Does this mean I can’t take a nap???

O.M.G this is NOT fair! I just want a nap like everyone else!!! Now I see the workout. Instead of napping I better use this time to interact with each parrot because it may only last for an hour if I’m lucky. Who thought I would ever have to make a choice between interacting or napping, I, for sure didn’t.

The birds take turns being out of their cages when the kids are out and about however its my individual time spent with each one that I’m referring too. Some days I feel like I’m running a marathon between breastfeeding the infant, tending to the toddler, teaching the preschooler, lecturing the middle schooler, cleaning, cooking and interacting while training each parrot. Life is hectic without even going outside but I don’t see myself changing it at all except to give the day more hours lol.

I don’t mind missing out on naps but I’m having a hard time falling asleep at night when everyone is down so when my body wants to sleep everyone is up… Horrible combination!!

The only way to make this work without me getting burnt out is to find a way to make myself sleep at night and incorporate the parrots while working with the kids and not keeping them separate. That way if I get a rest from the kids it should be nothing for me to get a rest from the parrots also!!

I’m down!

Parenting parrots

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