Back to the Basics

I considered myself to be a bird expert! What could you ask that I didn’t have the answer to? Well after doing the one month of no pellets and losing a bird, I’m completely lost right now. Obviously I’m not as good as I thought so guess what? With 6 parrots relying on me, I’ve pulled all the parrot information I have ever received: Magazines, e-books, physical books, pamphlets – EVERYTHING and I am going to re-read every one of them and start a healthy diet regime all over – Failure is not an option here.

I love these parrots as much as I love my own kids so to think I’ve failed them in any way is a stab to my heart. They are back on Harrison pellets (truthfully the only pellets I trust to keep my parrots healthy) and of course fresh water. I still give them boiled egg but everything else has been put on pause until I figure out how to make sure they are all in good condition.

I want to do another vet visit after this month of no pellet trial but I can’t afford to right now. I’m absolutely kicking myself! How did I think I could do it? It now feels like the stupidest idea ever! This is what is wrong, you hear other people doing it and say hey let me try that, not realizing that umm hello!! Hell no! You have WAYYYY too many different type of parrots each with different needs to do something like this! I wish I could turn back the hands of time! In my family, I would be called “fallow Fashion or follow batty” meaning I’m copying others and not thinking for myself.


Never once did it occur to me that if things didn’t go right, I could lose a parrot… Now, I know it could be something else but because I didn’t find out, I don’t think it’s anything else except FAILURE on my part! Can you tell I’m still devastated? Losing a loved one is so hard but losing one and blaming yourself for it is even harder. I’m trying to move on but it’s truly killing me inside.

Anyhow back to the topic at hand, I started Parenting Parrots for people to learn from me.  That includes my success and my failures/mistakes so please take heed and truly learn from me. Reading, research and reuse are my 3 R’s – do it! I’ve always said this, “Get a book on your specific bird”. What if that information is wrong? Even vets give us wrong information at times. Everything you come across, take with a grain of salt and research on it before implementing it.

If someone told you parrot ownership was easy, they lied!! It’s stressful at times like these when I’m up worrying about my flock instead of peacefully sleeping. It’s heartbreaking when you lose a parrot. It’s exciting when they learned a new trick or how to master a new toy. It’s research when you need something more challenging to teach them. It’s expensive when you have to do vet visits, food, toys and housing appliances lol I mean accessories. I love it and wouldn’t change it for the world but I’m truly afraid of losing my flock because of my dietary change which was an epic fail. What if more than one was affected by my bad choice?


So this worry has brought me back to the basics! I’m currently only going to feed them pellets this week. No fruits or veggies just so I can make sure their poop is regulated. Once their poop is back to normal I will implement my 5 go to fruits (check our YouTube channel for more information on that) and then my 5 go to vegetables (will be on youtube soon).

Goal: To have healthy parrots that can outlive me and go on to be taken care of by my 4 kids

Parenting Parrots

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