A Month with No Pellets Review

Overall my month with no pellets was okay but it’s not for me. In order to properly provide for your parrots off of no pellets, you need to completely understand their nutritional needs. You need to cater to each one’s personal dietary requirements (I failed in this part, as I didn’t even think twice about each parrot as an individual with different requirements). You also need to be completely devoted to them with no other distractions around you.

January showed me how much pellets save me as it’s a quick measure it out and put it in their cages. Baking, steaming, dicing and chopping is great when I only have to do it occasionally but when it becomes a multiple times a day process – I am too consumed with other things to do that each day. Training took a back seat because instead I was making meals. I felt I was always in the kitchen, for myself, the kids and the parrots.

I feel bad. More so guilty because I didn’t realize what I was missing (personal requirements) until it was too late to rectify. I must say, anyone who can do this, my hat goes off to you. We are back to incorporating pellets into their diet and my mind feels at ease.

I did see a change in behavior though.  The house seemed quieter and the  birds seemed more willing to train but that could just all be in my head. Until I record proper data, I can’t make a concrete verdict on that previous statement.

No pellets is definitely the way to go if you can manage it.

Parenting Parrots

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