Sleep-deprived Parrot Mom

This week has not been a good week for this sleep-deprived parrot mom and the parrots are probably so mad at me! My newborn decided this week to sleep during the day instead of the night so it has thrown my whole schedule off. When the parrots are sleeping, I’m up and when I’m sleeping, the parrots are up….Do you see how this is NOT helping??

I get up, make them the easiest breakfast I can think of and back to my bed I go. I get back up around the evening time, do a 5 minute training inside of their cage, give them their dinner and that’s it for our interaction. HORRIBLE! I know but this is why it’s great to not have a strict schedule so when things have to be shifted or changed for a little while, your parrots can adjust with no issues. This was also the month of no pellets so my parrots have went through a lot of adjusting but as always they make their mommy proud.


The reason I’m proud is because they show no signs of “damage” (for lack of a better word). They are still active, vocal, poop is the same, weight is the same. They are still my babies even though they haven’t had their usual interaction this week. I like the fact that  change is something they can accept, at least I did something right there. I feel bad though, it’s like they got grounded and they did nothing wrong. I’m hoping today will be different as I got some good quality sleep in.

Anyhow I’m still tired so I’m going to head back to bed for a few more hours and get up by 10/11am to give them their breakfast and then start our day. It’s later than usual but better late than never. The point of this post is to say: Keep changing your parrot’s enclosure at least once a week. This way change will be something they are used too and  not be afraid of. Less likely to cause a negative reaction if they can adjust to constantly changing environments.

Fyi when I’m changing their cages, I leave their favorite toy.

Parenting Parrots

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