Kodak Black “KB” – Black Lory

I purchased Kodak from a breeder in Victoria, B.C when he was 22 months old (Oct. 2017). I found this breeder on the parrot place website. I contacted him and by luck he had Kodak. He took the time to educate me more on lories, told me what book to purchase and promised to hold him for me. I started talking to him in August but I wasn’t able to afford him until October. This breeder has been so helpful, loving and caring. I absolutely adore him and I buy my nectar mixes from him.


Name: Kodak Black “KB”

Type of Parrot: Black Lory

Sex: Male

Birth Date: December 23rd, 2015

Wings Status: Will be fully flighted, his wings were clipped when we got him.

Favorite food: Nectar

Noise Level: loud

Training progress: he is a work in progress

Tricks: he is target trained. He can step up(still needs work)  and turn around

Talking ability: Haven’t heard him talk yet

Favorite toys: He tackles every toy I put in his cage.

Fears: Not sure yet.

Diet: Nectar, fruits and veggies in chunks and smoothie mix

Treats:  Nectar

Cage Size: rabbit cage

Last Vet visit: I haven’t taken him yet.

Next Steps: Getting him to step up consistently and learning the “zoo-max teach box”

 Parenting Parrots

1 thought on “Kodak Black “KB” – Black Lory

  1. Hi Shannon – So exciting that you now have Kodak! I have contacted you on the Contact Us page and am hoping to hear from you to compare notes with my black lory girl!

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