A Month with No Pellets

Am I going crazy? Maybe. But I decided to give it a try anyways. So Welcome to 2018! Today is January 2nd, 2018 and I have a very low bag of pellets so I decided why not try a month without pellets. Obviously this doesn’t apply to my Lorikeets as they will always get their nectar and since I don’t give them any sort of pellets, this will be nothing new. I will be trying to introduce more human food into the lorikeets’ diet but it doesn’t matter if they eat it or not as they will still get their regular meals.

They started their day with their “Shreddies” cereal, then they had a fruit mix and now for dinner hard boiled eggs with lightly boiled carrots.

I have also decided that for the month of January, I want to focus on improving their beaks, feathers and bones. I’ll be attempting this by making sure everyday their diet will include something that will improve those parts. So Today it was eggs and carrots. These two items are said to improve their bones, beaks, feathers and vision. Very excited to see if I will be able to see a difference in their beaks and feathers by the end of this month.

Tomorrow for their fruit mix I will do apples, blackberries and blueberries as they all help with the 3 areas I’m interested in improving. Will my attempt work? I have no idea but nothing tried, nothing gained. This means more work in the kitchen for me, I think I’m up for the challenge. Wish me luck!

Parenting Parrots

2 thoughts on “A Month with No Pellets

  1. Say can you say more about the red palm
    Oil and sunshine? I live Seattle not far I think from you but similar. I had tried but failed to buy palm nuts for my beloved Simon, my Severe macaw as they eat those alotbin the wild but I tried in vain from here to get fresh ones. Unfortunately after raising her from a chick and loving her for 27 years she died suddenly one day from a bowel hemorrhage. 💔 18 months ago.
    I had a closer bond with that bird than any human or pet bar none since I’ve lived this life.

    I still have Rio my 25 y/o B&G macaw, Simons sweetie and also in mourning Flapper 30 year old cherry head conure. & Ozzie African grey unknown age but I’ve had him 22 years.
    I’ve had Rio since she was 10 months old, Flapper my first bird (and only one from the pet trade)bought at pet store untame. Took me 6 months to tame him to get on my hand. To this day he loves me and will let me pet him some but still has fear of my hands. I think due to him getting yanked out of his nest when he was too young to fly but had bonded to his species.

    Totally relate to your recent post on unsustainable life/ goals and how unexpected loss on top can turn into a tailspin (pun intended)Been there and I think what I’ve learned is have only enough birds that you can always spend quality time with them. I think before Simon died I’d had that realization just 2 late

    Thanks but don’t answer quick I’m not in a hurry!

    • Hi Wendy,

      This touched my heart so much! Thank you for leaving this for me. First, let me say I feel I can learn a lot from you. I’m sorry to hear about Simon, that is how I felt towards Nyx. Over here, I know we can do special orders for Brazil Nuts but I have no idea where one would get Palm nuts. Do not be so hard on yourself, most birds in captivity don’t even make it passed 10 much less 27 yrs old! You should be so proud of yourself! Do you feel the lack of Palm Nuts played a role in him suffering from a bowel hemorrhage?

      Flapper sounds like he has come a long way. Some birds especially if they were already bonded, may never fully come around but the fact that he will come on your hands after such a tragic experience is something to be proud of. Ozzie makes me think of my Grayson and Rio…. Wow I love the macaws! Severe, hans, B&G, Blue throated, Scarlet, Hyacinth… I just love them! I just met a breeder of a Blue headed Macaw (rare species) They look nothing like a typical Macaw.

      I feel guilty over losing the 3 birds I’ve lost – Lola, my galah cockatoo, Piper, our Quaker parrot and Nyx, our black capped conure and the reason I feel guilty is because I failed them somehow.. Dying in their prime. Piper and Nyx hurts the most because I fell into a depression after losing my uncle/twin and I neglected my birdies in the process… I know I did and I can’t blame anyone but myself. What makes it worse, is I had come to that realization that you pointed out and was wondering how I could downsize and then this happened and so it was like a stab in my heart… Maybe if I didn’t think about downsizing then I wouldn’t have lost them but yes, I thought just like you, “have only enough birds that you can always spend quality time with them.” So my days of adding to my flock is over except I had already made arrangements for a hawk head, I had said this was going to be my last bird and I guess it will really be my last bird. I went through a panic mode, thinking I’m doing something wrong and took all the birds to the vet and now I just grieve in silence. Watching our youtube videos of the birds I lost and trying to build stronger relationships with the ones I still have.

      You asked me about Sunshine and Red Palm Oil. I will write a piece on them. For Sunshine, I don’t know if your referring to the brand of the red palm oil as there is a brand called Sunshine Factor which is red palm oil or the actually sunshine but either way Sunshine Factor is Red Palm Oil. Some birds LOVE the oil and some do not. Mine, don’t care for it however when people are having issues converting their parrot over to pellets, I advise them to try it and it usually works! So we recommend using it to help encourage the parrot to try new foods. Certain fruits that parrots have access to in the wild does have Red palm oil in it so it is a part of their natural diet. It also will help with their Vitamin A levels as a lot of parrots can suffer from a Vitamin A deficiency. Giving Supplements I don’t suggest so I would definitely advise to add the Red Palm oil to their diet if a parent is worried about their parrot having a vitamin A deficiency. Even just add it because it is high in Beta-Carotene so it really can’t do any harm to your parrots. The best way I get my parrots to eat it is by mixing it into their table foods like their sweet potato mash. It has a strong scent so just be careful how much you use. I’ve also heard that it helps to stop some parrots from plucking.

      As for Sunshine, Parrots live outdoors, they are always exposed to Sunshine. A lot of owners will say to me “but my parrots are in a room with a nice, big window.” That is wonderful HOWEVER windows are made with a filter on them so parrots are not getting vitamin D even if they are surrounded by windows every day. I personally think, if you can harness train your parrot, it is one of the best things you can do for them and take them outside every day even if its just for a 10 mins like you would a dog. Not in the winter though unless they are used to that temperature. I really strive to get my parrots out as much as possible during the warm weather. Only Nyx was harnessed trained so all the rest have to go outside in my hotel traveller cage which has no arcylic or anything to block the sunlight so they can still get full exposure to the sunlight but since I want them to start flying outdoors with the harness, I have a lot of work to do. Anyways, I believe proper exposure to Sunshine will help with their Vitamin D levels which will help with them being happier birds, more co-operative and of course HEALTHIER! A lot of people opt for the Full spectrum lighting. I have those lights too but I don’t use them. I prefer natural items over artificial if possible. Plus bringing your parrots outside will help them with socializing.

      If I could turn back the hands of time I would. Not just for me but for you too so we could get our precious parrids back!

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