Sleep-deprived Parrot Mom


This week has not been a good week for this sleep-deprived parrot mom and the parrots are probably so mad at me! My newborn decided this week to sleep during the day instead of the night so it has thrown my whole schedule off. When the parrots are sleeping, I’m up and when I’m sleeping, the parrots are up….Do you see how this is NOT helping??

I get up, make them the easiest breakfast I can think of and back to my bed I go. I get back up around the evening time, do a 5 minute training inside of their cage, give them their dinner and that’s it for our interaction. HORRIBLE! I know but this is why it’s great to not have a strict schedule so when things have to be shifted or changed for a little while, your parrots can adjust with no issues. This was also the month of no pellets so my parrots have went through a lot of adjusting but as always they make their mommy proud.


The reason I’m proud is because they show no signs of “damage” (for lack of a better word). They are still active, vocal, poop is the same, weight is the same. They are still my babies even though they haven’t had their usual interaction this week. I like the fact that  change is something they can accept, at least I did something right there. I feel bad though, it’s like they got grounded and they did nothing wrong. I’m hoping today will be different as I got some good quality sleep in.

Anyhow I’m still tired so I’m going to head back to bed for a few more hours and get up by 10/11am to give them their breakfast and then start our day. It’s later than usual but better late than never. The point of this post is to say: Keep changing your parrot’s enclosure at least once a week. This way change will be something they are used too and  not be afraid of. Less likely to cause a negative reaction if they can adjust to constantly changing environments.

Fyi when I’m changing their cages, I leave their favorite toy.

Parenting Parrots

My Things Aren’t Safe!!


When I started to think of sharing my life with a parrot, I never knew or thought they could also turn out to be a terrorist! That’s my Grayson! I love him but he can be Mr. Bossy when he wants and when he has made his mind up about something he is a very determined, persistent individual. Yes, they tell you about “parrot-proofing” but I didn’t realize I still need to keep things out of his reach like….“MY PHONE CHARGER!”

So he has decided that I spend too much time on my phone and not enough attention on him. Any time he is out and about with me, his first order of business is to find my phone and try to pick it up and throw it. He has succeeded a few times, chewing and breaking my phone protector, throwing my phone on the floor and just trying to ruin it so it no longer works. I just can’t have it near him. The worse he has done to me this far, is my phone charger. I type this with a heavy heart as I just got my charger 4 months ago but low and behold, I turned my back for two seconds and when I looked Grayson already chewed through the top piece of my charger and was determined to not let go. My charger still worked for a little while however it has now eventually stopped. So I’ve come to the conclusion, that anything in his way that he doesn’t know what it is will come in contact with his beak. This is typical of parrots though. I use Grayson, my African grey as an example but parrots in general have a curious spirit so regardless of what type of parrot you have, your things can/will become an item of interest.

My very first recommendation to stopping your parrot from attacking your wires or phone chargers is…. (Drum roll please) DO NOT HAVE IT WITHIN THEIR REACH!


But maybe that’s not possible for you.. so there are several steps I would try here:

1) Give the parrot a toy that could provide him with the same sensation that chewing the charger would

2) Reward the parrot for being near the charger and not touching it (This will take a lot of trial and error but can be done)

3) Say NO! loudly (Or whatever word you use to tell your parrot not to touch) to let them know that is not an acceptable toy (this will only work if your parrot knows what the word you use means)

These are great house training tactics but the only foolproof one is to remove it from your parrot’s reach. I can leave my wires around some of my parrots however I’m aware that at any time they may become curious or bored and touch it. Therefore they must be supervised at all times.

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New Baby Within Flock


On December 26th, 2017 we welcomed another little bundle of joy into our flock except this time it was a baby human versus being a baby bird. This is where the challenge comes in, just like you have to be careful when introducing a new bird, you have to be careful when introducing a baby human.


I say this because my parrots need to know their limits when it comes to the babies of the house. Just like you have house rules, I expect you to have rules for your parrots too. Can you imagine a household with no rules? Can you say unruly children? So this is where the difficulty comes in, it’s not everyday a new baby is brought into the house and most times I forget about exercising the rules because I have the birds out when the kids’ aren’t home. Therefore the rules aren’t a constant reminder to them, so it can be easily forgotten. I can’t just expect them to remember and do what’s wanted/needed. At this point, I have no choice but to think about re-training.

The baby/babies will be here and if I still want to be able to train and interact with the parrots while the kids are home (as they will be all the time now), I have to make sure both parties (parrots and kids) know the rules of the household. To be honest I’m not too worried about re-training because most of the parrots are acceptable towards the kids, my worry comes from Grayson, who has never really tolerated the little ones (blame it on my training or lack thereof). Also Ringo, as he doesn’t even tolerate me haha but it will definitely give me something to record and document for you guys.


The first step to introducing the two is I keep the baby out of their sight for a few days. All the birds hear are the baby cries and coos but they don’t get to actually be introduced for a few days. I have been home for 4 days now and just yesterday I brought Nyx (black-capped conure) to look at the baby. She walked around the whole bassinett and looked down at our little bundle but she was calm, cool and collected which was great. The next step for Nyx will be to have her in the room while I’m changing his diaper, breastfeeding etc, the point is to get her comfortable or make sure she is comfortable with me doing the daily activities with the baby and kids out and about. For the older kids, I will do what I  always do and continue to train Nyx while the kids provide her with the rewards. I’ll get my 3 yr old to help with water and food changing and I anticipate by the end of January Nyx will be able to be out and about all the time when the kids are out and I won’t have to worry.

This  same procedure will take place for each of the parrots but one at a time. The goal is to have the kids be able to step the birds up correctly and know how to handle them (after they have all pass the age of 5 lol) and the parrots will know not to bite the kiddies but instead if something is done that they don’t like to just fly away. This is one of the reasons I advocate for fully flighted birds as they are better socialized (personal opinion) and will usually pick flight over fight.

So good luck to me, the kids, the new baby boy and the parrots living happily ever after!

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This post is not only for my followers, viewers but also for my parrots. I had to take on two full-time jobs and because of that my family life, my pets, this blog and my YouTube channel was all neglected.

I thought 6 months isn’t long, no one would miss me. I also thought I would still be able to keep up with everything. False hope! Not being realistic with the fact that there is only 24 hours in a day and if I’m working 18 of those hours when would I have time to blog, videotape, edit and still spend quality time with everyone and let’s not forget to sleep? It’s just NOT possible.

One day something happened at one of my jobs that made me realize – This is not worth it! I started this website for a reason and my purpose was not being fulfilled. My kids were never seeing me, my parrots were changing for the worse and I was miserable even though the bills were being paid. So I said screw this – I love my kids, my pets and the people who take the time to read and comment and like my posts more than I love money. Yes, we all need money and hopefully one day my blogs/websites can be my full-time income however that will never happen if I’m not posting. If I’m not being a good example of parenting parrots. So I gave in my notice and as of July 7th I thought I would be back to having time for family, friends and you guys! The ones who keep me motivated to keep writing and posting. Then I ended up taking on another job which was only 4 days a week so I thought okay, better deal but still I was unrealistic. Finally I left both jobs, went on sick leave and thought okay NOW I’ll have time. That Friday my best friend died which I discuss in this post called The Passing of an Angel and I fell into a deep depression. Eventually I threw myself into my birds, taking on all these goals and tricks and things I wanted them to learn and instead of respecting them I was overwhelming them, jumping from one learning target to another and another basically trying to teach them like 20 new tricks at once – Not possible. My poor parrots. I was in a great depression and I neglected my whole family even my current pregnancy. This was neglect at its highest degree. I was posting but only as a means to take my mind off of the death I just experienced. I was hurting and hiding it which caused me to neglect the things I loved, my mind wasn’t right. We are now in 2018, I am taking my time with things. I stopped posting on Instagram for a minute and I’ve even taking a week break from interacting with the parrots and I’m slowly making a schedule for my kids. I’m not perfect but I took this week off to give everyone a break from me and for me to get my ish together for everyone.

With all that being said, I had to make some changes :(. They were for the best but definitely hurt me in the end. I will keep you posted in all that has occurred since my disappearance and I will let you know how I plan to rectify things. There are now some issues that have arisen with me and my parrots that I have never encountered before so I’ve been doing a lot of research and reading so we’ll see how it all goes but I’m hoping that this doesn’t discourage  any one from following me and I hope to get more followers as time goes by and hopefully you can learn from my mistakes if nothing else.

Sorry for the neglect!

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Baked Harrison’s Birdie Bread


I hope this wasn’t considered cheating on my “Month of No Pellets”. I have been through a week and all the birds are doing well, weighing them everyday and still training. One HUGE difference I’ve noticed and I’m not sure why but the noise level has diminished A LOT! I’m definitely not complaining, I still hear them talking English but any yaking or bird noises that make you want to plug your ears are very little. Maybe they have just decided to be quiet this week or maybe there is some kind of connection between the pellets and noise level or maybe the schedule I have them on without pellets makes a difference, who knows the possibilities are endless. What I do know is I had a very quiet week hahaha.

Because they have all been really good and didn’t pout or put up a resistance to not being given pellets I let my daughters help me bake some birdie bread for them today. I think I should have put some more Sunshine Factor in it as it came out a little dry looking but apparently that was only on top, the inside was moist and it was the first time I EVER baked Birdie Bread for my birdies. I used the Pepper mix and all the parrots ate it right up. NOW, that could be because it’s closer to getting pellets than anything else they have been getting or they might just really like it, we’ll see as I will make it again.


The only ingredients I had to add was 2 eggs and Sunshine Factor (Red Palm Oil) so definitely something easy to make. Now where I live one bag is 18.75 CAD but this will probably last me 3 or 4 days depending on the portion size I decide to give. I have 5 parrots eating this though most people would only have one or two so this would probably last you a while depending on your portion size and how often you feed it. I will definitely try the other flavors which are Original and Millet.

The funny thing is my parrots don’t like red palm oil usually (Not sure if this is true for the IRNs as I never tried them with it) so I was scared that they wouldn’t accept the bread but I guess with it cooked in the bread they didn’t mind or again it could be the lack of pellets that enticed them. Overall though I have heard very good reviews regarding the bread and my review would be the same. It was quick, easy to mix, easy to bake, easy to clean up after and the Parrots enjoyed it so I do/will recommend the Harrison’s Birdie Bread. I will do a video of me tasting it with the birds so look out for that and then you will see if I, myself like the taste even though my taste buds really don’t matter as it’s not for me to eat.

baked bread

Found this on the internet but my bread looked exactly like this

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Kodak Black “KB” – Black Lory


I purchased Kodak from a breeder in Victoria, B.C when he was 22 months old (Oct. 2017). I found this breeder on the parrot place website. I contacted him and by luck he had Kodak. He took the time to educate me more on lories, told me what book to purchase and promised to hold him for me. I started talking to him in August but I wasn’t able to afford him until October. This breeder has been so helpful, loving and caring. I absolutely adore him and I buy my nectar mixes from him.


Name: Kodak Black “KB”

Type of Parrot: Black Lory

Sex: Male

Birth Date: December 23rd, 2015

Wings Status: Will be fully flighted, his wings were clipped when we got him.

Favorite food: Nectar

Noise Level: loud

Training progress: he is a work in progress

Tricks: he is target trained. He can step up(still needs work)  and turn around

Talking ability: Haven’t heard him talk yet

Favorite toys: He tackles every toy I put in his cage.

Fears: Not sure yet.

Diet: Nectar, fruits and veggies in chunks and smoothie mix

Treats:  Nectar

Cage Size: rabbit cage

Last Vet visit: I haven’t taken him yet.

Next Steps: Getting him to step up consistently and learning the “zoo-max teach box”

 Parenting Parrots

A Month with No Pellets


Am I going crazy? Maybe. But I decided to give it a try anyways. So Welcome to 2018! Today is January 2nd, 2018 and I have a very low bag of pellets so I decided why not try a month without pellets. Obviously this doesn’t apply to my Lorikeets as they will always get their nectar and since I don’t give them any sort of pellets, this will be nothing new. I will be trying to introduce more human food into the lorikeets’ diet but it doesn’t matter if they eat it or not as they will still get their regular meals.

They started their day with their “Shreddies” cereal, then they had a fruit mix and now for dinner hard boiled eggs with lightly boiled carrots.

I have also decided that for the month of January, I want to focus on improving their beaks, feathers and bones. I’ll be attempting this by making sure everyday their diet will include something that will improve those parts. So Today it was eggs and carrots. These two items are said to improve their bones, beaks, feathers and vision. Very excited to see if I will be able to see a difference in their beaks and feathers by the end of this month.

Tomorrow for their fruit mix I will do apples, blackberries and blueberries as they all help with the 3 areas I’m interested in improving. Will my attempt work? I have no idea but nothing tried, nothing gained. This means more work in the kitchen for me, I think I’m up for the challenge. Wish me luck!

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