Want a Parrot? Probably NOT!

Parrots are the perfect pet! NOT! For me, they are but I constantly have to remind myself that not everyone is like me…. So let’s discuss their cons:

biting can happen
time and patience is needed

African Grey

Messy Parrot

Let’s be real at least one item on this list does not match with your personality but yet you want one anyway… Why would we do this to ourselves?

Is it for the “WOW” factor – “OMG you have a parrot?!? That’s so cool!”
Is it for the fancy color patterns that are so often seen in the Macaws?
Is it for the challenge of proving to ourselves that we can do it?

Green Naped Lorikeet

Must Touch Everything

Why? Why take on more work? As if you don’t already have to deal with the horrible boss at your 9 – 5. Or the annoying, nosy neighbor that always wants to borrow sugar. Or the kids who don’t listen. Or what about your own cleaning? As if you don’t make enough mess in your own household that you are constantly cleaning that you want to add more work for yourself? Why?

To be honest, I don’t even know if I have the answer. Parrots are A LOT of work, some days I don’t want to deal/interact with them especially if I’m down but on other days I couldn’t imagine my life with just one. They fill a void in my life, I’m not quite sure what the void is but something about being around parrots makes me happy.  It’s like being around my kids, when they aren’t  driving me up the wall, they make me smile and so happy to have them around me but I still worry about them same as with my parrids.

Quaker Parrot


So if you are thinking of getting a parrot, great choice! Just make sure you are ready for that lifelong commitment. Understand that they go through stages just like humans. They are a very hands on pet, cage bound is NOT the way to go with them and they talk back and you don’t always like what you hear hahaha. Sometimes I wonder how my life would be without them – Peaceful, I would have more money, more me time, less cleaning, more travelling, less education hahaha. Oh man the list can go on and on but one thing stops me – I would miss my companions too much. I love when my house is clean, their cages are clean and I can spend some actual quality time with each and every one but still think twice about a parrot purchase because that quality time could have been “me” time or going out time etc…

So you think you want a parrot? hmm.. PROBABLY NOT! If you consider all the work you have to put into a parrot to keep them well-trained/well-tamed. However in that same breath, if all the above doesn’t scare you then maybe you are ready to move further along in your process of obtaining a feathered toddler.


I think he wants to bite my tongue off lol

Parenting Parrots

6 thoughts on “Want a Parrot? Probably NOT!

  1. Yep, they bite and it stings so I disallow any shoulder riding but the Conures have nipped me on the feet when I sweep, prob hating the broom but I try to avoid being vulnerable to being bitten by the hand that feeds. And yes, my young kittenish cat likes to pretend “bite” and so far/so/ good no boo boos, but some ouchees from the nails that need cutting and Blue/Roo has an EXTRA digit for that mittenly look, fun. And remember that dogs also bite; but parrots and birds are MAGICAL

    • Do you only have the conure? I love the picture you have up of it… So cute! Yes all animals have the potential to bite but I totally agree something is magical about parrots!

      • Thanks for replying as it so helps when one feels INVISIBLE. A magical story: I acquired Paco in 2002 at the nudging of Husband Jack. P remained in a large cage indoors, alone; and when Jack passed in 2014 I had an outdoor aviary built and while it was being constructed I began to fret about that necessary companion for P. When the aviary was completed, a lovely little neighborhood child asked me if I wished to adopt their Conure (identical to P). I accepted the lovely Gift, Cracker Jack and the two are forever friends. Thank you for letting me share this wonderful experience.

      • That was beautiful I’m glad it all worked out! Thank you so much for sharing! That put a huge smile on my face!

  2. When little dog Hanz passed in October I WAS LOST so I quickly adopted Blue Roo and Sweetie from the local shelter and these are lucky cats as the aviary is their indoor entertainment and methinks the Conures enjoy being on stage all the while being safeguarded from being “liked” too much as the Conures watch the Conure Show from the living room window. Thanks for appreciating the Paco pic I just did learn to put up.

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