Scaredy Cats

I have to dedicate this post to my beloved older sister of 7 years and her wonderful 18-year-old daughter, who you can follow on YouTube @KiCassanova. They come here like once a month but when they do, they make me laugh so hard because they are absolutely terrified of the parrots. Why? I don’t know. I keep the parrots in their cages when they come over even though I feel so bad because the parrots love their time out of their “mini” homes. Anyhow these two freak out over anything!

For example today, I took Grayson, my 5 yr old African Grey out of his cage and he decided to flap his wings! Such a beautiful site to  see however apparently these  two didn’t think so. They covered their heads and screamed, so scared that he was going to  fly. It’s funny but the poor Grey bird doesn’t understand why these two humans are making such obnoxious noises. So what do you do when you have guests over who are scared of your birds?


On one hand, I don’t want to terrify my visitors anymore than they already are by having the parrots out but I don’t want the parrots to feel like they have to be confided to their “homes” because of the strangers who are over.

On the other hand, I want my parrots to be socialized to people but how can I get in any proper interactions if the visitors are scaredy cats because that could be a foundation of danger and my birdies will become afraid of all strangers if anything goes wrong.


3 yr old feeding treats to an Indian Ringneck

We always say “Prevention is better than Cure” so I rather prevent a negative experience from happening vs. having to try to fix the issue after the fact. I’m stuck, as I don’t know how to help people overcome their fear of birds so therefore I have no way of making a positive interaction occur. The only thing  I can think of is to lead by example but I’m sure their response will be, “Well they are like that with you because they are yours.” So I feel like I’m in a no win situation.

Scaredy Cats can be very entertaining but what damage could they be causing to your little feathered friends by their reaction? Will my parrots ever trust these noisy creatures or has permanent damage been done by the multiple times they have seen these humans act a fool over nothing?  Certain times we are oblivious to the fact that these little encounters may have an everlasting affect on your parrids. Moral of my story is the next time you have a “scaredy cat” over be more in tune to your parrots’ body language so you can see exactly how the interaction is affecting them.


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7 thoughts on “Scaredy Cats

  1. Hahaha yes I can relate 🙂 I had a friend turn pale, point across the room, and whisper in a horrified tone, about my CAG, “oh my god it’s walking over here! ON IT’S FEET!!!”

  2. Our Goffin’s Cockatoo flies all over the house. The cockatiel stays in his cage for his protection (the cat and dogs are fascinated and the cockatiel is vulnerable, after all). The Green-cheeked Amazon stays mainly on top of her cage or on a perch in another room, and she can also fly. When we have guests over, we don’t do anything with the birds. However, my oldest daughter’s best friend is phobic about birds, so we have to confine the cockatoo and amazon in the master bedroom and bathroom when she comes over; otherwise she won’t come in the house. They were not stuck in cages, and they could fly around the room as usual, so that seemed ok.

    But we had a friend that wanted us to confine our dogs and cats when ever she came over because she didn’t want one to touch her. Really? That seemed insane. We refused to confine half our family for her weirdness and so she refused to come over. We don’t talk any more. I had no idea she was so unreasonable before that. But anyone that weird about animals is not someone who can be my friend. We don’t speak the same language.

    • I love what you do with the cockatoo and amazon as you said they still get to fly and go about their business just in a different room.

      As for your X-friend, I wouldn’t be able to be her friend either after all her heart couldn’t be in the right place if she is that way about animals.

      When I go to my sister’s house she puts the dog away and I tell her all the time I feel it’s cruel but I understand why because I have little babies and her dog is aggressive so it could turn nasty. The good thing is she has the dog in training so hopefully this will no longer have to happen soon.

      My parrots will not fly onto my guests so guests really have nothing to worry about but once my african grey flew onto my sister but she looks exactly like me so I think he just thought she was me. I might consider doing what you do as it seems like a better option. Thanks!

      • I respect my birds’ need to fly and give them the opportunity. They also ne led a way to get out of a dangerous situation with the cat or dogs. Anyway, it makes them happy. My birds don’t fly to non-family members, but my daughter’s friend freaked out just at the sound of wings.🕊 My cockatoo flies above and past our guests, so that was a problem for her. She doesn’t come over very often any more, so it’s not a big issue here.

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