New to the Lorikeet World


I’m a new lorikeet owner and it has been the most challenging experience I could have ever imagined. I believe my experience would have been different if I only had one lorikeet vs. the two. They are very social birds and because I had the two of them together, they didn’t want to love me the way I wanted to be loved. The female, Marlee slowly accepted me and that wasn’t until I put her in a different cage than her brother, but regardless biting me was becoming a bad habit.


Her brother, Rasta was very open to being my friend. He barely bit unless he was in the cage with his sister. When I got them I had them in the same cage but quickly joined an avian forum and asked for advice. They advised me to separate them which I did, things were working out great however they kept flying back and forth to each other every time I took one out of their cage, making training them difficult. So I attempted to put them back together and ended up separating them again because I wasn’t even able to get in the cage to clean it, give them food/water.

I then decided one had to go, so I re-homed Marlee especially since she didn’t do well with me being away for those few months. I’m still very new to the Lorikeet world but I think I’m getting better! I stopped feeding the Harrison’s to Rasta as they have iron storage issues and I didn’t/don’t want anything to happen to Rasta.

I’ve gotten the nips down to a bare minimum – rarely happens now. I found a new food provider who makes his food from scratch and he doesn’t use any preservatives. I’ve learned how to make a puree fruit/vegetable smoothie and I now know what exactly to use for training. I’ve only owned a lorikeet for 13 months however it has been the most mind-boggling experience ever! It really took me back to school and I’m still learning. Every day that goes by I get more and more knowledgeable, I have met so many people who breed lories/lorikeets or who just have different types as pets. People who have different training methods or recipes for their lory food – it’s absolutely a WHOLE NEW WORLD on its own. I can honestly say even though I have so many other parrots, I believe owning a lorikeet has REALLY put some icing on my cake! It has been a rewarding and challenging experience mixed up all in one  but I wouldn’t change it for the world!!!!


Rasta Approved!!

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DIY Foraging Toy


I wish I could take all the credit here but I can’t. I stole this idea off of Facebook from Patricia Anderson who has a few Quakers and a Blue headed Pionus (They are perfectly trained and so gorgeous to look at). Anyhow I have always been one to believe in foraging as an important aspect for any parrot and recently I realized I spend a lot of money on toys – even more than I thought. Sometimes my toy bills (most of the time) are running me 2 to 300 dollars a shop. So I really wanted to find things I could make myself and wouldn’t break my pocket. So when Patricia posted the foraging cereal box I was all excited because being a family of 5 we go through cereal boxes as often as we change our underwear, hahaha daily.


You see the red thing? It’s the Zip tie I used to attach this to the cage

I have a whole bunch of stuff I bought for foraging but if you are anything like me then you don’t have the creativity behind your belt to do it yourself so I have to steal ideas from others but that’s why they post them online right? To share? Once I get their basic ideas then sometimes ways to “fancy” it up comes to me… Only sometimes though.

So why do I find foraging to be important or why is it very high on my list? BECAUSE in the while food is not just handed to your parrot. They search for their food causing them to release energy and stimulate their brain cells. Now by no means does this mean starve them. I still use my food bowls but I do cover my food bowls with paper every now and then and have them rip through the paper to get to the food. I find the days I do that my house is quiet as a mouse because everyone is busy ripping through the paper for their pellets. Otherwise some mornings I’m crying about wanting more sleep. IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE! I/We can’t provide the wild environment for our parrots but we still need to find ways to keep them stimulated, motivated, entertained and I find that foraging toys do that….

It’s really simple, all I did (Now Patricia may have used different items inside of hers, I didn’t look into all of that) was take my cereal box put some timothy hay at the bottom, wrap up a few almonds into newspaper balls, put a few sheets of regular newspaper over, come nice crinkled purple (my favorite color) paper sticking out at the top and the inside was done. Then I pierced a few holes into a face and had treats sticking out. 2 Sunflower seeds for eyes, an almond for a nose and baby carrots going across to make a smile.


I used a big cereal box but it was for my Indian Ringneck so I should have bought those cereals that are small that come in those packs of 10 and use that size. I think the big cereal boxes are too overwhelming for Ringo, that size is PERFECT for Grayson, my african grey.  So far Ringo hasn’t teared apart the box hence why I say the size is too big. But he has removed the carrots, almonds, sunflower seeds and some of the crinkled paper at the top…. Slowly but surely he is getting there.

Oh I attached it to the cage using a zip tie. My parrot shop sells them. I will be doing another one of these for Grayson and I think at the bottom of it I will make a small hole on each side and have a rope going from one end of the bottom to the next and tie a “Top toy” out of each side to make it more pretty with more accessories. I want to make lots of foraging toys and you can find GREAT ideas on Facebook DIY bird toy groups or by going on Pinterest or of course by following me! All you have to do is sign up where it says follow Parenting Parrots and you can go through this journey of toy making with me! I’ll post a YouTube video on making this toy next weekend and I’ll add it here but if you want to make sure you don’t miss that then go to my YouTube channel and Subscribe so you can see all the important videos we post there.


Some people are visual learners vs. being a reader so that’s why I like to cover a video on what I write about here too.

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Shhhhhh….. They need to sleep too!!


Indian Ringneck sleeping – sorry I was trying to take these pictures discretely

So I forgot to write-up my post for you guys last night and I jumped up this morning thinking OH NO! Felt like I was late for a school assignment deadline lol. As usual I get up between 5am and 7am to use the washroom, this pregnancy has me going every 2 hours it feels like… Anyways every time I get up I have to be mindful of the sleeping creatures around me.

The kids and their reptile (although I just looked at him and he is wide awake) lol, The Rabbits and the birds. That’s A LOT of creatures to try to not wake up when making your way to the washroom in a small apartment. I find that the rabbits will sleep through noise as mine seem to be nocturnal or something, as they will be up with lots of energy at nighttime and sleep through the noise in the day. My parrots however are a different story. One little noise and they will be up looking. I can’t even turn on my light or else I know they will be up wanting to inquire about what is going on. Now, to avoid this issue most people cover their birds at night, it also apparently helps with them getting their full 12 hours sleep. I do not cover my parrots even though I wonder if I should. Their personalities seem fine. I don’t really have to encounter any grumpiness but what if they are missing out on 12 hours, could I be depriving their life span by maybe 5 years or something?

Black Capped Conure sleeping

The flash obviously woke her up

I’m not sure but definitely something to research and look into. All I know is every night/early morning I get up and walk on my tippy toes saying to myself, “Shhhhh….Do not wake the parrots, they need sleep too!” (Maybe I should get a tattoo like Rihanna saying Shhhhh)….I never thought that I would think of an animal with such respect before. If you knew me when I was little, you wouldn’t picture this to be my life now hahaha. I was a “chicken” of every living creature that could move, if it wasn’t human, I didn’t want anything to do with it.

It’s funny because I’m here talking about how they need at least 10 – 12 hours of sleep at night and how to have respect and be mindful of their needs BUT our they mindful of mine?? When I want to sleep until 12pm do you think they are sitting around saying, “Shhhh… She needs to sleep?” I’m living proof, that’s a NO! Some days they wake up so early, I’m putting the pillow over my head thinking why did I get birds? Am I crazy? Imma sell them all! Once I actually get up, all those negative thoughts disappear and I remember how much I love them. I could probably get more sleep if I covered them at nighttime so I have no one else to blame for the early morning wake up alarms but myself.

Quaker Parrot being disturbed while Sleeping

Sleeping Quaker, I think I woke him

They are actually convenient when you think about it…. As long as I have to get up after sunrise, I don’t need to set an alarm because I have a few personal alarm systems that will never fail. At least not as long as they are alive and well. Right now it is 7:55am and Ringo, my Indian Ringneck is the first one up. He isn’t actually making any noise however. He is playing with the foraging toy I made with the cereal box. That idea was inspired by Patricia Anderson. I absolutely LOVE HER! She has been such a strong mentor in my life even though it’s only been through social media. Any ways she posted her foraging idea on Facebook so I copied and I will be making one for every parrot! So convenient and cheap hahaha. After I post this, I’m planning to head back to bed, I want at least an hour’s more of rest. That might be wishful thinking though because I can see the early morning tint of blue shining through the curtains already which means it’s only going to be a matter of time before the birds start chirping.

The moral of this post hahaha just in case I didn’t make it clear is that Parrots need at least 10-12 hours of sleep in order to be able to function at their full potential so when you need to be up early just be mindful of…. “Shhhhh… They need sleep too”.


African Grey sitting on his food bowl when he should be sleeping
He never seems to sleep lol

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Dreams Can Come True


This is BY FAR not what I imagined my life to be. Before I would complain to my “angel” about where I am in life and where I should be but today at 6 am I was lying in my bed (or what I’m using as a bed for now) and was thinking about my blessings.

I had two dreams:
I was going to be a single woman who ran a company. I was the CEO, lived in an upscale condo that was always very clean and I drove the latest Porsche. I had no kids, no pets basically no responsibilities outside of work. I would visit my sisters with their kids and bring gifts but I was to be so posh that they wouldn’t be allowed to touch my “Armani” skirt suits and of course I was the master of the heels game. I had long flowing hair, perfect body size and was wealthy. No issues. Well I can tell you  NONE of that came through….. At least not yet hahahaha.

Next dream:
I would get married to an Indian or white man and have some really pretty looking biracial babies(never had a number on how many kids). We would be well-off financially and live in a good size house with that white picket fence, maybe have a dog and still be very content. Well again that didn’t come through….


I’m a single mom of 3 kids with my last one (number 4) on the way. I live in a cramped 2 bedroom apartment that has a wish to keep being unorganized 80% of the time. We have a bearded dragon, 2 rabbits and 7 parrots included in our family. I drive a GMC Terrain and a very old Honda Civic. I have yet to find my career and right now I’m on E.I as I had to be put on sick leave. I started this blog hoping I could make it my career path but I don’t even make enough a month off of it to buy a loaf of bread. Worse of all, I lost my support system at the age of 32.

Dreams compared to Reality: Dream one!
I do run a company, I’m a CEO of a company – I’m the owner of “Parenting Parrots“. It may not have enough followers to generate an actual income yet but Rome wasn’t built-in a day.  I may not live in an actual condo that is very tidy but I have a roof over my head and I’m teaching these kids to make sure they clean up after themselves so the neatness will come back. I don’t drive a Porsche but my GMC has a rearview backup camera which is very “up to the times” hahaha. I’m not “posh”,  I don’t own Armani suits and I hate heels however I don’t think any of that was actually important. My hair is nice in its micro locks and my body size is perfect for me. Financially, I’m not as stable as I would like to be but one day at a time and things will get better.

Dream two Comparison!
I’m not married and I don’t see that in my future and none of my kids are biracial but they are some very beautiful kids (not to boost my own horn). They are intelligent and funny and keep me on my toes. I honestly couldn’t have asked for anything better. I will one day move into a house, I am determined to do that and I don’t need a white picket fence. Instead of a dog I have a house full of wonderful pets that love me and talk to me and push me to continue to do this blog.

My kids

Dreams Can Come True!
When I was a little girl, I always wanted a parrot. I wanted my “Polly want a cracker?”  I never asked for one because I knew my parents couldn’t afford it and they were not pet people. They believe animals have no business in a house, they need to be kept free. The funny thing is when my dad would take me to his house in Jamaica, they had a BEAUTIFUL Beige colored Dog that stayed in the yard and my dad built his own outside aviary and had all types of birds in there. However they weren’t allowed in the house! HAHAHAHA. So all my life I secretly yearned for a parrot and I completely forgot about that when I got older. It wasn’t until my son started giving problems in school that I was told about getting a pet for him and that’s how Our Journey began. That journey, I spent SO MUCH money on pets, toys, cages etc… Brought me to where I am today, trying to educate others about the beauty, intelligence and joy that parrots can bring to an individual’s life.

This blog will one day gain the followers it needs to become profitable and it will be more than just a blog it will be a place of education, training and EVERYTHING PARROTS! I don’t know how but I took the “Living and Learning with Animals” Course and I GRADUATED!!!! I am so happy and I have now started training people who have issues with their parrots. It’s been a success so far and I’m making connections and I hope more and more people turn to me for advice and PARENTING PARROTS becomes a well-known and trusted name that people can believe in and only have great things to say about it!


You see, if all my negatives didn’t happen or my dreams did come true – I may not be here today talking to you… I may not have come back to my true love and owned my very own parrot flock… I may not have realized that I have such a love for these animals it is completely amazing! And the best part is to see my son right alongside me learning and teaching about parrots when we go to train a family – it warms my heart. I know he will probably not follow in my path of being a parrot trainer but just to see his involvement right now is touching.

If you haven’t already found the button on this page either at the bottom or side that says follow parenting parrots yet then please do and join our growing family because without you “My dreams” can’t continue to come true. Also, sometimes in life, we focus too much on the negative and miss the “Blessings” and positives that are right before our eyes. Take a day out of every week to focus on the good and refresh your soul with your positives and move off of the negatives. Things like this are always easier said than done but trust me if I can do it then so can you! So, let’s do it together!

(All pictures in this post were from the internet)


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A Bite is YOUR Fault!


I’m sorry, I hate to come across as the bad guy here and point fingers but I have to this time, after everything I learned. Biting is NOT an innate behavior, it is a taught behavior. So if your precious feathered friend has now starting biting on a regular. YOU REINFORCED IT! Don’t get me wrong, I have parrots who bite me too…. I’m currently working on actually analyzing the situations under which they bite and what antecedent/consequence can I use to curve that behavior to something else.

So I was taught (like I’m sure we all were) that biting was something to expect from our companion parrots, that it was a natural occurrence and we just have to accept it. I’m sure I have wrote this in many previous blogs. Well, now I am withdrawing any previous statements I made and declaring a new statement. BITING IS NOT NATURAL AND IT DOES NOT HAVE TO HAPPEN WITH A COMPANION PARROT! Your probably sitting there saying what does this chick know? She has no real credentials. Well actually, I am currently training and getting the credentials I need to become a professional parrot behavior consultant. I’m being trained to use the science of ABA – Applied Behavior Analysis with animals. So I’m sharing with you what I know so you can take a different approach with your parrots and change what you may have labelled as an “aggressive, territorial, dominating, unfriendly” parrot. All those words are constructs and you know what they mean to me? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! That doesn’t explain what the parrot is doing and that ‘s what you need to do – observe the parrot.

You may be shocked to learn this but parrots in the wild, do not bite each other (if they aren’t fighting that is). It is not a part of their habits to do so. Yes they may play and use their beaks but not to the point where they will draw blood. Your reaction to that first bite is what was an “Ah ha!” for your birdie and from there the cycle started and continued. So now that it has started, how do you make it stop? You have a few options….

1) You learn how to read your bird’s body language so you can prevent it from happening again.
2) You change your current approach to avoid putting the bird in a situation to make it happen again. There is a saying that goes: “Prevention is better than cure”. In this case that saying is very relevant!
3) You find a means of distraction. So when the parrot is going to bite, find a distraction tool that will work to take his/her attention away from biting you.
4) Find a behavior that you would prefer the parrot to do instead of biting.


What I find amusing is that there are so many articles, videos on youtube and people stating “How to stop your parrot from biting“. How can they state that if they don’t know the reason your parrot is biting? Yes, of course they can give you suggestions but unless you’ve analyzed the situation and found the reason for the bite and the consequence it is presenting your current parrot, how can you stop it? If you are really lost as to why your parrot is biting then I would suggest maybe hiring a behavioral consultant or a trainer basically just getting professional help. If you can’t afford to get professional help although I think I’m pretty cheap hahaha, I would say just look at the setting, for example… Under what circumstances is the parrot biting and what is your reaction when it does bite? What is it getting by biting you? Once you answer those questions then maybe you can find alternatives to maneuver around it. Once a bad habit has been taught, it’s always harder to undo it but it is possible.

Things to consider why your parrot might be biting you or others is: Protecting something it considers to be valuable – It’s cage, it’s partner/owner, it’s toys etc. It could be out of fear – You’ve ignored all the signs it has tried to send your way so it feels forced to be more aggressive. Also like I have previously mentioned, out of habit. It has now become a taught behavior and the bird likes the response so it continues to do it.

Okay, now that I made you feel like the worse Parrot parent ever! (Don’t worry I felt the same way at first) How can you try fixing the situation? Well I did give suggestions above but one thing that needs work now, is your TRUST level with the parrot. You guys need to work on your bond. You need to learn to respect your parrot and not force him/her to do anything they don’t want to do. Basically you need to learn to listen and read your parrot’s body language. Also, positive reinforcement will really help in this situation.

I’m thinking of doing an e-course on trust building exercises, if that would be something you’re interested in please leave me a comment below this post or email me so I know it is something I should put together as there is a demand for it.

Green naped Lorikeet - Rasta

Parenting Parrots!

Should I take their Advice?


When I first started being interested in Parrots – it was hard to find parrot training videos. YouTube didn’t have a lot and the worldwide web was not very helpful either. However over the years, it has ADVANCED so much it is amazing to see where we are today. The PROBLEM IS…. Some information isn’t the RIGHT information.

As much as I would love to sit here and bash other trainers and tell you to just follow me and I’ll teach you EVERYTHING you need to know, I won’t do that. How you train your parrots/animals is a personal preference and just like me you may start to follow one type of trainer and switch it up along the way.  I look at where I came from to where I am today and I’m extremely happy. I’ve read books, purchased e-courses, googled online, joined bird forums, joined parrot groups, made connections with breeders and I just continue to try to keep my network open. A lot of people have different opinions on what is wrong and right for parrots, I compare it to having kids, at the end of the day it is your choice. Some people are very opinionated so you have to be careful on how you approach the conversation with them or else it could turn into a very bad interaction very quickly… Like having a conversation about religion – OUCH! I try to stay away. I voice my opinion and I accept their opinion, if I can help better the situation someway, some how then I am all for it otherwise I can sometimes only be an ear. I love hearing people’s passion for their birds even if I don’t agree with all of their methods.

Anyhow back to the main topic: There are some methods some trainers use that are just not giving the parrot a choice and I think this is something you have to consider when looking at different trainers. The word is getting out there that positive reinforcement is the best training method to use, doesn’t mean everyone uses it correctly and completely understands the whole science behind it but as long as you’re following someone who is trying to implement that then you are on the right path. Things to look for…. 1) The parrot is being asked for a behavior not being forced or coercion into it. 2) The parrot and trainer is enjoying their training time today and both are being respected and last but not least – 3) The training session is ended on a good note, not with a tired or worn out parrot.

For example: To get a parrot to step up, you should press against their belly just above their feet. – IF you agree then you are unfortunately WRONG! That is NOT giving the parrot a choice and it is FORCING the parrot to do something. Next option is putting your hand in front of them and using another hand to cover the bird as shown in this video below… Again another method that is WRONG.

Now this trainer isn’t a bad trainer, he just isn’t educated properly.

Now in the below video you can see that I am not applying a hand over the bird nor am I putting pressure on his belly to step up. I’m not teaching you how to teach your bird to step up in this video but this is an example of how it should look and even I should have put my finger further out so he could have made more of a choice to step up or not.

This next video below is teaching how to step up onto the hand and it’s pretty close to what you want to observe… For example it doesn’t apply any pressure to the bird and they respect the bird once the bird moves away so it’s great to see…

Out of all 3 of these trainers the last two is who I would be interested in following. The last one gets my vote because it is actually teaching the step up process so you can see that there was no force applied. Not to criticize my own work but I would have to see how I taught the step up process before committing to following me. HAHAHA, Now I know I need to make a “how to step up video”. So, it is great to see the finish product but to make sure the trainer is teaching that parrot properly, I would have to see how it was taught in the first place. This is the only way to know if you should be taking advice from a trainer or not.

For one more example if the trainer tells you, “It’s okay just keep taking the bites and eventually the bird will stop biting you.” This is a trainer you do not want to follow. Or if the trainer says, “You need to show the parrot who is boss or who is in control or show them that you are the dominant one.” This is a trainer you do not want to follow. Again these are just my opinions but I’m telling you this because I’ve been down this road already. I used to be one that would say, “If the bird sees that you do not react from the bite, it will eventually stop” because that was what I was taught. However now that I’ve gotten more informed I can see how wrong that statement was and how you could definitely be making your situation worse. The sad thing about this is that people are giving this type of advice in all the bird forums and so forth. My hope is sooner than later people will learn that this method is called “extinction“. Although “extinction” can work, it is a very hard procedure to follow as before it works the bites will get harder and harder and harder. I don’t know about you but I rather a nip over a bite that draws blood any day so how long will you be able to “take that bite” for? It’s better to find another way. This is just one of the examples that is very bad advice.

So be careful of who you decide to take advice from: trainers, friends, bird forums etc…. Just always ask yourself…. “Is this advice Empowering the bird or forcing the bird?”.

We want to always EMPOWER our pets. I hope this helps!

Parenting Parrots!

Top 5 Things You Need to Know About the Quaker Parrot




Quakers (Scientific name is Myiopsitta Monahus) are fun medium-sized parrots (11 – 13 inches) that come in the colors of green, blue, pallid blue and pallid yellow (amongst other colors). Their normal color is green. They are intelligent and a handful if you don’t know how to interact and manage them. I made this list up because anytime someone hears that I have a Quaker parrot their first comment is “OMG, now that’s a squawker! Don’t you find it to be loud?” I feel a lot of parrots get stereotyped wrong and Quakers are one of those that are misunderstood. So here is my list of the top 5 things you need to know about the Quaker parrot.

These are things that every Quaker parent needs to know:

1) Quakers are known to be vocal
– Yes, they are on the list as one of the top 10 talkers however talking is an ability that a bird will either care to do or not. It strictly depends on the individual parrot. Our Quaker, Piper talks a lot however we talk to him a lot so I’m sure that made a difference.
– When we first got Piper he would make noise at the top of his lungs. I thought OMG what did I get myself into? I was certain my neighbors would complain and I was ready to get rid of this noisy bird. So screeching is something this parrot will do – it all depends on if you have the time and patience to train it out of it’s noisy calls. I don’t have that issue with Piper anymore.

2) inquisitive
– They are very curious birds. If you want a bird that wants to know and see everything, you found it. Nothing will get passed a quaker. With that being said, I literally mean nothing, so if you are missing items or can’t find something shiny, don’t be surprised if you find it with your Quaker.
– This also means that they will want to be able to see and be involved in everything, so don’t leave them out.

3) Independent
– Quakers are known to be independent birds. Our Piper has no problem being around us but he isn’t demanding for attention (at least not physical attention). He will play nicely on his play perch and as long as he is near us, he is content. He doesn’t need to be physically on you.
– They have a bit of an attitude to them and they are not afraid to tell you their mind. They are very bold and can be aggressive when needing to make a point. I found when we clipped Piper’s wings is when he became bitey as that was his only defense mechanism. Once his wings grew back, the aggressiveness disappeared.

4) Time consuming
– This I believe goes across the board for all parrots – They need time! However I think a lot of people get so caught up with they need a certain amount of time that if they find they can’t give them that 3 hours a day, they put them up to be re-homed. Quakers would benefit from being out of their cage for minimum 2.5 hours a day however Quality over Quantity comes into play here. If you can only have your Quaker out for an hour one day, that is okay as long as you make that hour count. It’s better you have them actually out for a complete hour with you than have them out for 5 hours and they are just sitting on a perch, bored. When my parrots are out but feel I am not spending any time with them, they fly right back to their cages. A cage is their home, just like your home is your home. Do you go outside every day? As long as you are stimulated at home then you are okay. This is by no means saying it is okay to keep a parrot caged, all I’m saying is if one day a week you are too busy to give your parrot their usual time out of their cage – Don’t panic just make sure you do make the time that you do have together count regardless if it is 10 minutes or 10 hours. Make it count!

5) Training
If you’ve been following my blog (if you don’t follow me, then please do) then you know I’m a big advocate for training parrots. This doesn’t change when it comes to Piper. As a matter of fact, I think Quakers are so much fun to train as they have the drive to learn and can be very enthusiastic about it. There is this article that talks about how the author trained her Quaker parrot to go from being a biter to a painter, so you see training is a very important aspect to possibly all your problems.


The Passing of an Angel


Today, Friday October 6th, 2017 has been exactly a week since my support system fell apart. At around 6pm on Friday Sept. 29th, 2017 I got the worse call of my life, telling me my ground had just received an earthquake and my angel has been taken from this world.

I know this is a parrots blog but it’s also a very important part of my life. So I’m turning to you after a week of being depressed to apologize for my absence but to also share my grief with you. The worse feeling a person can have is to not know if maybe I could have changed the outcome of that day… What if I had called him? What if I wasn’t so self-consumed with my own life that I had taken the time out to spend more time with him? What if, what if , what if… I will never know because this is one time, we don’t have the opportunity to have a 2nd chance.


Friday Sept 29th, 2017 Brandon Briggs a 32 year old man who was a father of 4 kids all under the age of 8, a brother, an uncle and most important to me – an angel, collided with a wood chipper at around 11:40 am. He died at the scene. I appreciate the bystanders who carried him from the driver’s seat to the back seat of the car to try and help, thank you for caring. The police called for an air ambulance to get him but unfortunately he Died before he could be transported to the hospital. The last day I ever spoke to him and heard his voice, received a text was Tuesday, September, 23rd, 2017 and I wasn’t very interactive at the time as I was consumed with other things. It sucks because I was off and we were suppose to spend that time together and other things came up cutting our time short in more ways than one. We still have yet to hear back from the autopsy, receive his belongings from the police or lay him down to rest.


I always said he had my back even through our times of arguing…. We were born the same month, same year and only a day apart. I had my first son 2 years before he had his first daughter but my son was born on the same day of the month and his daughter was also born on the same day as the month. My son is 08/08 and his daughter came exactly 2 years and 2 months and 2 days later at 10/10. I don’t know if there is some kind of connection there but I think there is. He went on to have 3 more kids with the last one being only 1 years old. He had Egypt who was 8 at the time, Cairo, a boy who is 7, Pharoah, a boy who is 4 and just started school this year and Nile a 1 yr old girl. I also followed him having 3 more kids of my own. B, I guess you were right, we are stopping at 4. You will never meet my last one and it hurts to know it will never know what a fabulous uncle it had but I’ll tell the kids and show them pictures and videos – I won’t let you be forgotten, I promise.
Anyways he had a beautiful family who now has to be raised by only their mother.22104309_10154788944311922_7887990284926323276_o

They opened a gofundme account and are now after a week at 24k, way more than they asked for. I’m overwhelmed with the amount of love and support that has went out to help them but this just shows you how many people loved and cared for him. How many lives he touched. He was a great man and I never told him how much I loved him and appreciated him or at least I don’t remember telling him anytime recently.

Did he know that I loved him? Did he know that I still considered him my backbone, my support system? I will never love another person as much as I loved my dear uncle Brandon. Our bond went beyond words but yet I feel like I neglected him on so many occasions. I wasn’t at every birthday party he held for the kids even though I tried to mostly be there. I still missed one or two and now I regret it. I wish I drove to visit him more often. Yes, we spoke for hours on ends but it doesn’t feel like it was enough now. I used to always tell him “B, this is my #brokelife.” and he would laugh and say “You kill me with that.” When we were both down, we would talk and he would ask me, “How do you do it? You’re so strong.” He would constantly tell me that and I would say, ” To be honest, I have no idea but you got to do what you have to do, just pray.”


At the age of 32 I was/am struggling to find my calling but he had just found his, maybe 2 years ago… Can’t remember but a few years ago he started tattooing and he was good at it. I got a tattoo on my foot done from him and I was suppose to go back for him to outline it and now I will never have the chance. He stopped tattooing for a while and then he found his painting. What an amazing gift! He found his calling! He was an artist and tonight exactly a week after his passing was his show where he was suppose to put on a meet-the-artist reception and showcase his work. His work will still be showcased but unfortunately he won’t be there. On facebook, I said I want to meet the artist! So I’ll be there! and he responded back saying, “you can get an autograph too”.
Will I B? Could I? I would give my life for an autograph now…. How could I have not treasured our time together more? I thought we were going to grow old together…. Instead I’m here by myself and I’m not doing so well… I need you!
He was my biggest supporter, telling me how good I write. Even though he wasn’t a pet fan, he supported my passion for parrots regardless. I was suppose to write an artist grant request for him and I kept pushing it off and he told me, “OMG your never going to do it, I’m going to get my bro to do it.” I told him I am going to do it but get your brother to do one anyways and then we can see which one is better… Now I will never be able to do him that favor…


He never asked me for things, but I was always asking him for his ear, for his attention, for his time and he never once made me feel like I was bothering him. He was my twin, my life, my best friend, my confidant. Everything I could have ever asked for in an uncle… Our time was cut short and I never got to return the support or at least I don’t feel like it. At this point, I feel like I was a selfish partner in this and not an equal companion and I wish I could change that but I should have changed it years ago…

Let me end this rant by saying this… We hear all the time, don’t take life for granted. Let the people you love know that you love and appreciate them. Always find time for those who find time for you. Enjoy your moments with one another and cherish it. All of these sayings sound so cliche but let me tell you: I’m kicking myself now that I didn’t listen to those little tidbits, it would probably have made a huge difference in my grieving process.

We were and always will be “The twins”. Nothing will change that. I’m sorry I wasn’t right beside you in that car on Friday. Maybe I could have made a difference or at least we would have died together. Born a few hours apart making us come into this world on the 21st and the 22nd of March. I thought we would die close together also…. But I’m not God and I don’t know what the future holds for me anymore now that you are gone hopefully whatever it is I can make you proud because I’m trying to live for both of us now… That’s a hard task man! lol. I just want you to know if I never told you even though I’m sure I did but I love you B, you are my heart and Soul and I was extremely proud of you! Possibly even a bit jealous because you found your calling before I was able to find and establish mine but no worries I’m right behind you as always. Even though I’m the older one, so I should be ahead hahaha.


Always comforted me! I have to end this as the tears won’t stop so I can’t even see what I am writing anymore. I will be pushing my children’s story to get publish this year, well next year when they accept applications again and I figure I will try to write a few on you… Wish me luck hopefully you will be here to guide me and give me the push that you had to just come out of no where and blow up in your talent.

To my subscribers/followers, I’m sorry for this sad post but I had to connect my two worlds. I hope to get back to my Youtube videos and blogging as soon as possible. If you haven’t subscribed please do so, on Youtube and Instagram we are “Parenting Parrots”. Tonight I will be going to his showcase, if you live in Toronto, Canada and can make it, please do! I know this is last minute but this meant the world to him. His first show I went to, was in a club and stupid me didn’t know and didn’t walk with ID so I missed it although I was there…. So can’t make that happen again this time. I haven’t re-read this so if there is spelling mistakes or grammer errors, I apologize.

Come and support my Uncle’s talent that will no longer be able to be produced. We will be at the Freedom Factory at 22 Dovercourt from 7pm to 11pm tonight, October 6th, 2017. Look at the flyer below for all the information.

Thank you for your support! Please let’s get this blog out there so I can make my uncle proud!!!

R.I.P Brandon Briggs March 22nd, 1985 – September 29th, 2017

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