Pet-O-Pets NOT Impressed!

Today my son and I decided to go for a drive. There is this place called Pet-O-Pets located in Mississauga on Mavis road. It’s connected to a flea market and it’s a really small crowded place.  I honestly don’t know what to say except places like this shouldn’t be in operation with live animals. The supplies fine but animals… I would rather NOT support such facility.


We got there about 20 minutes to closing and walked past a whole bunch of rabbit/bird cages that are in the front of the store. As soon as you walk in the first thing you see is 3 Macaws. If you know NOTHING about birds then you wouldn’t think anything of it however being a bird lover, my heart hurt for them. One looked to be a blue and gold macaw in a cage about half the size of my Indian Ringneck’s cage and I wouldn’t even put a macaw in his cage :(. Right beside him are two red macaws – I believe to be scarlet macaws. Can you imagine 2 macaws in one small cage?? I say half the size of my Indian ringneck’s cage but I think the cage was closer to my Quaker’s cage. One of the red macaws had a deformed beak and they were being fed on Tropican biscuits (which isn’t a bad thing, at least he didn’t have them on a seed diet). I could tell just by the look of their pellets. They weren’t for sale and no, this wasn’t just a temporary situation because we had actually tried to come to the store a week prior but got there 4 minutes after closing. When you looked through the windows, you could see the 3 macaws in the dark in the same small cages. So it’s not like they were only in those cages during store hours, these cages are these poor birds’ homes.

Anyhow moving on… Walking through the place, they have a good stock of supplies and the prices aren’t bad but the prices for their livestock is definitely a ripoff. The place was a little dusty, could use a better cleaning however still walkable. What I found disturbing is the conditions of the birds. They have everything from Finches to an Australian Ringneck. Overall the cages looked clean with pine shavings at the bottom but when I looked in the water dishes, that I seen a beautiful pineapple conure lean over to drink from, I wanted to PUKE! My son kept saying, “Mom we have to tell people to come save these birds.” I had to tell him no, because if people come here and buy birds, they will keep bringing in birds and the cycle will never end. I inquired about the ages of the parrots and was told they are all between 2 to 6 months old. One Alexandrine who was sold was laying in the corner of the cage. It looked like it was on it’s deathbed. It didn’t react to us being there. Just stayed in the corner lying on it’s belly. I asked about the Australian Ringneck that they had selling for 400 and was told that they were just like the Indian Ringneck with getting the ring around the neck and talking ability. A customer was standing near me and quickly whispered “NO, they are not like the Indian Ringneck.” But said it only loud enough so I could hear, shook his head and  walked off.

If they knew anything they would have told me that an Australian Ringneck can not be compared to the Indian Ringneck like an African Ringneck can. I have yet to find or hear an Australian Ringneck that can talk, much less to say it can talk like an Indian Ringneck. Nor do they get a ring around their neck, they have a yellow band that covers the back of their neck but no ring. I was shocked at what I was being told but continued on like I was oblivious to birds. The people that shop here, are uninformed, newbies to the bird world and have no prior education to what a good, healthy environment is for a parrot.

In the picture above: The African Ringneck (green) and the Indian Ringneck(blue) look very similar as you can see however the Australian Ringneck (flying) does not compare to them at all
Pet-O-Pets did have some parrots that seemed tamed like the Turquoise Conures which were so cute! My son put his hand through the bars, touched their bellies and they didn’t move away from him at all. So I’m not denying that some of their parrots may be tamed but I still wouldn’t recommend supporting this franchise. I looked at some of the reviews about how great this place is and all I can do is shake my head. Others had the same feelings as me, this place is sad for the little animals to be in.

They locked the front door while we were inside the store, the female seemed shocked that people were still in the store. I purchased a small bag of Pine shavings and some hay for my rabbits and left. While waiting to cash out, the macaws were screaming off their heads. A lady was trying to calm them down but they didn’t like her being so close to their cage, they obviously don’t get handled or time out of the cage to expel some of their energy.

While we were there a lady came and asked the owner about the maintenance of birds. My son and I stood quietly nearby and listened to the owner of the store tell this lady that birds only needed 3 things: Water, Food and to clean the bottom tray. He explained  to her that all she had to do was pull out the bottom tray, throw out the bedding and put new bedding. She asked what would she have to do with the bird if they were gone for a weekend or so. He said “Just provide them with enough food and water to last for the time you will be away or you can bring them here as we offer boarding.”  Now if you follow my youtube channel and watch the video about my 5 cons of owning a parrot, you know that birds are more work than that.

I’m sure we all wish they were so easy because then I would probably have WAY more then I do but reality is: PARROTS ARE WORK! So if the owner is telling his customers this, can you imagine how many of his parrots were bought and are probably being sold on Kijiji or in a rescue or some rehoming situation? This is why we have so much unwanted parrots because people aren’t properly educated.

I can’t tell anyone what to do but I’m asking very nicely for 1) anyone who is looking for a parrot please do the research and 2) If you are in the Mississauga area please do not buy your parrot from Pet-O-Pets. My review for this place is 4/10 only because the shavings were cleaned and the Turquoise Conures seemed tamed.  I didn’t handle or take any of my parrots out when I came home because I was afraid that maybe this place was infected and I didn’t want to risk me bringing home an airborne disease and infecting my parrids.

turquoise conures

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