Pet-O-Pets NOT Impressed!


Today my son and I decided to go for a drive. There is this place called Pet-O-Pets located in Mississauga on Mavis road. It’s connected to a flea market and it’s a really small crowded place.  I honestly don’t know what to say except places like this shouldn’t be in operation with live animals. The supplies fine but animals… I would rather NOT support such facility.


We got there about 20 minutes to closing and walked past a whole bunch of rabbit/bird cages that are in the front of the store. As soon as you walk in the first thing you see is 3 Macaws. If you know NOTHING about birds then you wouldn’t think anything of it however being a bird lover, my heart hurt for them. One looked to be a blue and gold macaw in a cage about half the size of my Indian Ringneck’s cage and I wouldn’t even put a macaw in his cage :(. Right beside him are two red macaws – I believe to be scarlet macaws. Can you imagine 2 macaws in one small cage?? I say half the size of my Indian ringneck’s cage but I think the cage was closer to my Quaker’s cage. One of the red macaws had a deformed beak and they were being fed on Tropican biscuits (which isn’t a bad thing, at least he didn’t have them on a seed diet). I could tell just by the look of their pellets. They weren’t for sale and no, this wasn’t just a temporary situation because we had actually tried to come to the store a week prior but got there 4 minutes after closing. When you looked through the windows, you could see the 3 macaws in the dark in the same small cages. So it’s not like they were only in those cages during store hours, these cages are these poor birds’ homes.

Anyhow moving on… Walking through the place, they have a good stock of supplies and the prices aren’t bad but the prices for their livestock is definitely a ripoff. The place was a little dusty, could use a better cleaning however still walkable. What I found disturbing is the conditions of the birds. They have everything from Finches to an Australian Ringneck. Overall the cages looked clean with pine shavings at the bottom but when I looked in the water dishes, that I seen a beautiful pineapple conure lean over to drink from, I wanted to PUKE! My son kept saying, “Mom we have to tell people to come save these birds.” I had to tell him no, because if people come here and buy birds, they will keep bringing in birds and the cycle will never end. I inquired about the ages of the parrots and was told they are all between 2 to 6 months old. One Alexandrine who was sold was laying in the corner of the cage. It looked like it was on it’s deathbed. It didn’t react to us being there. Just stayed in the corner lying on it’s belly. I asked about the Australian Ringneck that they had selling for 400 and was told that they were just like the Indian Ringneck with getting the ring around the neck and talking ability. A customer was standing near me and quickly whispered “NO, they are not like the Indian Ringneck.” But said it only loud enough so I could hear, shook his head and  walked off.

If they knew anything they would have told me that an Australian Ringneck can not be compared to the Indian Ringneck like an African Ringneck can. I have yet to find or hear an Australian Ringneck that can talk, much less to say it can talk like an Indian Ringneck. Nor do they get a ring around their neck, they have a yellow band that covers the back of their neck but no ring. I was shocked at what I was being told but continued on like I was oblivious to birds. The people that shop here, are uninformed, newbies to the bird world and have no prior education to what a good, healthy environment is for a parrot.

In the picture above: The African Ringneck (green) and the Indian Ringneck(blue) look very similar as you can see however the Australian Ringneck (flying) does not compare to them at all
Pet-O-Pets did have some parrots that seemed tamed like the Turquoise Conures which were so cute! My son put his hand through the bars, touched their bellies and they didn’t move away from him at all. So I’m not denying that some of their parrots may be tamed but I still wouldn’t recommend supporting this franchise. I looked at some of the reviews about how great this place is and all I can do is shake my head. Others had the same feelings as me, this place is sad for the little animals to be in.

They locked the front door while we were inside the store, the female seemed shocked that people were still in the store. I purchased a small bag of Pine shavings and some hay for my rabbits and left. While waiting to cash out, the macaws were screaming off their heads. A lady was trying to calm them down but they didn’t like her being so close to their cage, they obviously don’t get handled or time out of the cage to expel some of their energy.

While we were there a lady came and asked the owner about the maintenance of birds. My son and I stood quietly nearby and listened to the owner of the store tell this lady that birds only needed 3 things: Water, Food and to clean the bottom tray. He explained  to her that all she had to do was pull out the bottom tray, throw out the bedding and put new bedding. She asked what would she have to do with the bird if they were gone for a weekend or so. He said “Just provide them with enough food and water to last for the time you will be away or you can bring them here as we offer boarding.”  Now if you follow my youtube channel and watch the video about my 5 cons of owning a parrot, you know that birds are more work than that.

I’m sure we all wish they were so easy because then I would probably have WAY more then I do but reality is: PARROTS ARE WORK! So if the owner is telling his customers this, can you imagine how many of his parrots were bought and are probably being sold on Kijiji or in a rescue or some rehoming situation? This is why we have so much unwanted parrots because people aren’t properly educated.

I can’t tell anyone what to do but I’m asking very nicely for 1) anyone who is looking for a parrot please do the research and 2) If you are in the Mississauga area please do not buy your parrot from Pet-O-Pets. My review for this place is 4/10 only because the shavings were cleaned and the Turquoise Conures seemed tamed.  I didn’t handle or take any of my parrots out when I came home because I was afraid that maybe this place was infected and I didn’t want to risk me bringing home an airborne disease and infecting my parrids.

turquoise conures

All pictures posted on this page were taken from the internet, I do not own any of them.

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All About Pets Show

I went to the “All About Pets Show” for the 2nd year in a row and I must say it’s a busy place however it’s a great place to educate your kids and yourself and see all the different animals in the world. This year I went with my partner, my son and my godson. Last year it was only my son and myself. Last year I was able to find everything I wanted and needed so easily however this year I felt overwhelmed and confused because I couldn’t find what I was looking for as easily. This year we interacted more with other people so I must say both years were well worth it and I would recommend it to others to attend. I will be going again next year.

So I bought the family pass which was 48.00 CDN. We got there by 1:30pm and left at 5pm so a good couple of hours spent. As soon as we walked in, we were greeted and given a bag and was on our merry way. Although this is a “PETS” show I feel the dogs dominate. We went straight for the cats since that’s not really of interest for us, I figured it was the fastest section to get through. The cats are mostly in carriers and are not out for touching by the public however the few that were out, were very nice.

We then found the reptilia truck, which we enjoy admiring every year. My son and godson got to hold a crested gecko. They also got to touch an alligator and see a snake wrapped around a woman’s body. The downfall with the reptiles this year is that I never seen any other reptile section :(. Last year we had reptilia but there was also other little reptile set ups around and my son truly enjoyed that. This year they fell short on that, I hope next year they bring them back.

Next, was the bird section but again it seems they fell short in that area because I never seen as many vendors as I did last year. We seen the typical parrots like the conures, macaws, African greys, various cockatoos and so forth. Maybe I’m just being greedy but I wanted more. My son and godson got to hold ringneck doves but last year we got to help in bottle feeding babies and listen to parrots talk and watch them do tricks. I also went there in hopes to find unique toys for my African grey and galah cockatoo but I left empty handed. I wanted to grab some Harrison’s food and they weren’t available at any of the stops.

We went to the petting area and this section was more advanced which was great. They had all the horses in their stalls but at least we still got to peep at them through the stalls. If we stayed and watched a horse show then of course we would have seen more but no petting of horses this year. They had goat, sheep, llamas and of course just like last year baby chicks. My son and godson got to hold the baby chicks which I think is great for the kids to experience but their most enjoyable moment was feeding the Llamas. My son was calling the Llama “his buddy” as he feed him his food from the palm of his hands. You have to pay for the feeding but it wasn’t too bad as it was only 2 dollars for a small ice cream cone filled with pellets.


There was a section for exotic pets (or something like that they were called) and their price I thought was ridiculous as it was 10 dollars for each person to enter the pen and play with the animals. The deal they had wasn’t too bad as it was 25 dollars for 4 but since I nor my partner wanted to go in, it didn’t seem worth it to pay 20 dollars for the two boys when I could have paid 25 for 4. They had a kangaroo, some muskrat looking thing… It’s like a monkey but looks like a stunk… You would have seen them in the movie the Madagascar and some other animals that I can’t remember their names.

We then were surrounded by dogs however although they did have a designated area for dogs they were all spread out all over the whole exhibition. Watching my son with the dogs made me wonder if a dog is the right pet for him…. I’m not sure. He was so patient and loving and even after petting and talking to everyone, he wanted to go back to see the little dogs and then the BIG leonbergers. I must admit I will be doing research on teacup Pomeranians and pomchi’s and Havanese dogs BUT I will not go back down that road unless I know it is the absolute best! Also I can’t have dogs in the apartment I live in so it will have to wait :(. I will be researching the best pet for a child who may have a mild case of adhd.

I left feeling like my money was well spent and I had more knowledge than every! Especially when it came to a Havanese dog because it has real hair no fur, so hypo-allergic, small but not fragile and odorless of course…. Adult size is 12 lbs… I will definitely be looking into them….

I bought the kids food on our way there and right after we left we went straight to pizza pizza to buy a family meal. I refused to buy anything in there because for a bottle of pop it was $3.20 CDN 😦 but I expected that so that’s why I fed them on our way there!

It’s definitely a show I enjoy and I will be making it part of my yearly routine. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I would suggest making it apart of your outings for next year.

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Clicker Training


I’m a big fan of clicker training. I believe it keeps the “bridge” consistent, obvious and stable, I wouldn’t train any other way. Now don’t get me wrong when I don’t have the clicker I will still use a verbal command like “Good Boy” or “Good (bird’s name)” or “Good bird” but I try to make sure I use that very rarely. One of the main reason is my voice can change in variation of tone and when/if someone else wants to train one of my parrots they will say it differently then I do which then loses the consistency.  However if using a clicker then it doesn’t matter who is training, it remains the same.

Clicker training is something I would start as soon as possible. Once your parrot has settled in from when you first bought it home.

Training is something that is stimulating not only for your parrot but also fun for you so why not start as soon as you can? To start clicker training you only need two things, well 4 if you’re including yourself and the bird…

1) Yourself
2) A parrot
3) A clicker
4) A Treat

I explain about what’s needed to start training in What time is it?? It’s Training Time!!! It explains how to set up your environment and how to find that favorite treat that your parrot loves.

Clicker training will be the easiest training you will ever do.All you have to do is CLICK and give the Treat! You can start off with giving the treat and clicking at the same time for a few repetitions. Then you will click BEFORE giving the treat.  I explain all of this on our youtube page, Parenting Parrots.

You will know your parrot understands what a clicker is, once you are able to click and your parrot is looking around for the treat. Once that happens you are ready for the next step in training: Target training.

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Bird Show & Expo – 2017

I go to the “Everything to do with Pets show” every year and every year I have a blast. However I missed it this year as I was too tired to do anything extra but sleep. I came across this expo that will be happening in the end of October. I think it will be fun and although I’m maxed out at the amount of Parrots I can have in my home, I will be attending just to see what’s out there.

bird expo

I found out about this on the Canadian Breeders site on Facebook. I’m so glad I joined that site. I found a baby violet Indian Ringneck that I will be adding to my flock as soon as I can afford to pay for her #brokelife. She is suppose to be “super tame” and I always wanted a violet Indian Ringneck hopefully my neighbors won’t mind. Anyhow back to the show…

I like seeing baby birds even though most times they are ugly looking, there is a cuteness to them too. At the show, if the breeders have weaned babies you can take one home right there however if they aren’t weaned then you can put down a deposit and get your baby once weaned!


Even if your not interested in buying a parrot, sometimes it’s nice just to see them and meet the different breeders. All big birds have been tested for the 3 most major diseases and of course each section is kept separate from other breeders. I like to see the different birds but sometimes you might find a cage, toys, food etc… Something that you can find at the show that you never could find or never thought of. Either way, I say come out and support the cause, even if it is just to look at the beautiful macaws :).

macaw for expo3

This will be my first official expo and no I am not getting paid to promote it. I just think it would be a great experience for bird lovers. Also it gives you something to do right before Halloween that does not involve costumes or candy, hahaha! Unless your going to try to dress up like a bird that is… Apparently you can get your tickets online and they have a deal going on that if you buy 2, you get an extra one for free. The cost isn’t a lot, it’s so affordable – only 8 dollars a person! You can’t go wrong!  I’ll be there with my little kids so if you want to meet us, this is also your chance to “bump” into me :).


I can’t wait to see all the little chicks and I will definitely try to take some pictures to show you all what I seen. Basically, I will try to be blogging while I’m there so those of you who can’t make it… .Will have an idea of what was going on so maybe next year! I probably won’t be joining the contest unless I get a new phone by then lol but it’s definitely a great thing for me so I can get pictures for you guys!


Let me tell you, they did not forget about the kids! It will be fun and educational for your kids as well because they will have a section for the kids to learn and color. Which is great for me as my 2 little ones will love that! If you have a mini artist on your hands you should consider entering them into the coloring contest. There will probably be other events or contests going on that I’m just not aware of…
for the kids

Oh yea, before I forget, they also have a suggestion box thing going on right now so if you have any suggestions about things you want to see at the show, feel free to send them a message.

suggests for expo

All the pictures in this post has been taken from their facebook group. If you are interested in finding out more then search for bird show and expo 2017 and you should find the page. I hope some of you are able to make it and if you see me, PLEASE say HI!

F.Y.I – The times are Saturday from 9am – 5pm and Sunday 8am – 5pm. You can bring your own birds but just to keep my flock safe as I don’t know if other people bring their parrots to the vet – my flock will be missing this event. Sorry if I disappointed any of you

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So, I’m finally able to start posting again and I don’t ever want to stop. I never realized it before but I truly enjoy sharing my knowledge with other people. Now this is more of a sad post than anything else… I re-homed 2 of my parrids :(.

family is everything

(Internet pic)


I found myself in a financial bind and needed to find a way out so I started working 2 fulltime jobs :(. I did that for almost 6 months straight (hence why I couldn’t post). I only had time to sleep and shower whenever I was home. I still had 2 days off a week but those were my only 2 days to clean, spend time with the kids, catch up on sleep as I was only sleeping about 3 hours a day during the week and get errands done. So my parrids were being neglected. Literally they were in jail and only being fed pellets. Even the cleanliness of their cages were suffering. I felt guilty but what could I do? I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. My kids were suffering too: weren’t getting mommy’s home cooked meals anymore, couldn’t help my son with homework, so his grades dropped. There comes a time when a person has to choose family life over paying off bills…. I finally made that decision.

family first

Family First (internet pic)

6 months of being away was enough for me plus I was pregnant at the same time (this I didn’t find out until later) so you can imagine how drained I was. I finally left one job and stayed with my night job but then my night job became more stressful as the day person wasn’t doing their job and my pregnancy couldn’t handle the stress so the doctor put me on sick leave. I was sad because my financials would definitely take another hit but on a more positive note – My family could see me again.

As I’m sure you know Lovebirds who are not interacted with daily can turn away from being hand tamed very quickly which is exactly what happened with our Peach-faced Lovebird, Boss. Now with that being said, Boss always had a bit of attitude in her anyways, hahaha. I could have definitely spent the time to re-train her but I knew what she wanted. She was really showing breeding tendencies and at this time she was sharing a cage with her best friend, Piper, our Quaker parrot but he couldn’t satisfy her needs, so I decided to rehome her into a breeding program. I always knew that I might have to do that with Boss as she was parent raised and I seen her wants long before it became completely obvious. I put an ad up on Kijiji for her and within a day found a man in Brampton who was trying to breed lovebirds. We spoke for a bit and I gave her to him. It warmed my heart to hear his feedback on her. He loved her, she was completely tame with him. He was so impressed with her that he wanted to know if I had more birds I could give him. Unfortunately not, but I was happy to know he was happy and that she would be happy. I do miss her from time to time but I know she is getting what she wanted so my heart is at ease.


Boss doing “touch/grab” taming. I call it the hovering method.

The next parrid I had to say bye too was one of my rainbow lorikeets. I still very much miss her but again the home where she was given too had nothing but positive feedback to say about her. Lorikeets are just like Lovebirds in a sense, where if you don’t interact with them daily they can revert back very quickly and that’s exactly what happened with Marlee. Rasta was more trusting of us so it wasn’t long ’til I was able to get him back around. With Marlee now, she didn’t want anything to do with me or the kids or anything. She was giving me a hard time to even clean her cage, change her food bowls or anything. Within a few days I had several inquiries for her but one inquiry stood out more than the rest. So I gave her to that household. Marlee kept flying back to me like she didn’t want me to leave her and that broke my heart but I spoke to the female and she said Marlee is doing WONDERFUL. She was nipping when I first dropped her off but soon stopped. The family loves her and she gets a lot of out of the cage time.

Rehoming parrots is not easy when you truly care about their well-being. Piper, our Quaker was down for a while when Boss first left but since then he has come around and is very happy. I can’t remove her favorite toy out of his cage or else he will get upset so I know he hasn’t forgotten her but he has moved on from the heartbreak. Rasta, our green-naped lorikeet kept calling for his sister for a few days after she was gone but he too has come around and doesn’t call for her anymore. Marlee has only been gone for 2 week from this post being posted.

Talk about hidden blessings though because when this was all happening a female contacted me asking if I could take her 2 cockatiels named Chiko and Maro. At first I was just going to give them to a friend of mine who wanted a cockatiel but they are new to the parrot world and I think two parrots would be a lot for a new owner, so we’ve added them to our flock. They came with their cage and a new bag of food. I bought them some new toys and they are very happy joining the flock. Still not sure if I will give them to my friend however I told them to do a bit more research before I would be willing to even consider it so we’ll see.

We lost 2 parrids but we gained two more. Rehoming love ones is never easy but if you must please try and find them the best loving home possible.

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My Faithful People


Hi Guys,

I have been so busy with the two full time jobs that this blog, my kids, my own life and my parrids were all neglected! GREAT news though! I promise I’m back for good this time!

You can expect 3 posts a week from me and if you follow us on YouTube – parentingparrots, we post one video a week.

So I need a favor… On my site I don’t have an option to send out a mass email so I am asking all my subscribers/followers – my faithful people to please go to my contact us page and send me a quick message so I can get your email. No, I won’t be filling up your inbox with spam LOL! I actually just want to send out my gift to you which I promised that anyone who followed me would receive something from me and I have finally got it worked out. If I already have your email then you will receive an email from me. If I don’t then please do the above steps so I can get your thank you gift to you.

FYI – I’m starting to do Parrot training/consultations and Parrot sitting. I don’t have it all worked out as yet but if interested just send me a message and I’m sure we can make some arrangements for me to assist you while getting my footing settled!

Thank you guys so much for your patience with me this past year and I hope my knowledge, my parrids and my mistakes will help give you laughs and joys and of course education.

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