The Grey Face


Internet picture of a grey

Grey feathers growing good through gentle molting
Grayson gains confidence with the generous game of compliments
Gypsies can see his great giant eyes glancing at me
Grateful for the gift God has granted thee

Fluffed feathers on his face forever on fleek
His facial frame never fails to complete my fantasy
Fierce friends flying high with a glare from one side
Fantastic yellow faithful fast pinning eyes

Easily eager to please everyone earlier
He uses each ear to earn one’s trust daily
Even though his earlobes are enclosed by his head
His eardrums echo all the events surrounding him

Dashing from his dark dangerous beak
Damage can be done if his beak drips blood, you see
His dry tongue drinks drops of water
Delightful dreamer can declare he’s double trouble


Internet pic


Parenting Parrots!

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