Branding and Growth – Day 1 – Goals!!!

As part of the WordPress U courses, I was directed to set 3 goals for my blog… I’ve also signed up for the poetry course, along with a few others… I have up to day 5 in my email but yet I’m still on day one… More work than I thought hahaha… So my 3 goals…

Goal #1 – To eventually be at 1,000,000 followers ( A bit over the top?? No I don’t think so… I said eventually I haven’t set an actual timeline on it) Let me also set a 2016 goal – Have 50 followers by the end of the year.

Goal #2 – To post blogs at least three times a week

Goal #3 – To publish my e-book and market it through my website (January 2017)

I will have to check this every year and see how close to my goals I’ve come…

Parenting Parrots!

13 thoughts on “Branding and Growth – Day 1 – Goals!!!

    • My e-book is going to be on the first days home with a new parrot. Every time a person gets a new parrot that is the question – now what? How do I make sure I don’t ruin the relationship and make it flourish? So I decided to put it all in one for people and make it easier for them to do right by their parrots! FYI I will be trying some of your recipes!! 🙂

      • Omg! That is so cool! I’m blessed in Australia with lots of wild parrots. So different from the British birds I grew up with. Love the rosellas we have in Tasmania. Look forward to learning more about parrots in the domestic setting 😃

      • Yes I heard in Australia they just fly free… Do you ever see Galah Cockatoos? They are those pink and grey parrots. That was my first parrot. You are so lucky!

      • Yes! They’re really cute. Shyer than the brash sulphur crested cockatoos. We stayed at a campsite where there were hundreds of galahs. So cool 😊

      • Absolutely amazing!!!
        fyi. As I type to you my Quaker parrot is on top of my laptop watching every key I type lol

    • I’m just trying to grow my blog by using as much tag words as possible and getting your site at the top of internet searches. Hope that helps!

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