Parrots, Parrots… Oh and did I say PARROTS!??!!?!


So I have an addiction….

Do you see that beautiful two-legged creature above? The wonderful color of Grey with a splash of red on the bottom? That right there is my amazing parrot: Grayson, the African Grey! In this picture he is four years old(2016). He helped me fall in love with the wonderful world of PARROTS!!

Parrots! Oh Parrots! Where would I be without you? Are parrots the perfect pet? NO!! Are they perfect for me? YES!!


I’m doing this blog for those of you who are interested in parrots but need more education. For the ones who have parrots but don’t know what to do. For the curious, For the researchers, for the pet haters and lovers. Let ME be your truth!!

Above, you see three-year old Nyx. Nyx is a Black Capped Conure, she came to us tamed. She is my partner in crime, where I go she follows. My little puppy dog! 🙂

If I have not convinced you already to follow me, let’s continue…                        2nd phone 179

Say hi to one year old Boss, a Peach-faced Lovebird. Boss may be a small parrot but he demands a lot so don’t let his small size fool you! Parrots take time, energy, patience (something that is hard for me), money, research, trial and errors…. Can you handle that?? Think I’m crazy yet? I haven’t even gotten started. Okay, I’m lying I’m almost done, LOL.

2nd phone 188

PIPER!!!! Piper is our two-year old Quaker parrot a.k.a Monk Parakeet. I don’t know if Piper is a boy or girl but I will eventually find out. I think Piper is a girl though because I caught Boss (lovebird) trying to mount her so I’m going to call her a girl for now… It will be interesting to find out. Can you say MOOD SWINGS!! Piper keeps us all on our toes, one day she loves us and the next she hates us. This happens with parrots. You always got to be ready for whatever they may dish out and love them regardless just like kids.


Nurturing a baby. Meet Ringo, our 3 month old Indian Ringneck. I got him from a family that only had him for a month and decided to re-home him. Can you handle the nip of a sharp beak? Parrots use their beaks for everything: to test things, to eat, to bite, to warn you etc… So a nip or bite here and there is bound to happen.

Are you now interested in seeing these parrots flourish? Have I peaked your interest? Still questioning whether you should follow this website or not? How about a Rainbow Lorikeet being thrown in the mix?


These babies are only 5 weeks old however one of them will be coming home with us. They were just dna tested so we are still waiting on the results. They will come home once they are fully weaned (eating on their own). Right now they are still getting three hand feedings a day. I’m extremely nervous because this is like having a baby for the first time, you never really know what to expect. Follow me on this journey, I promise you it will be fun for you and me. Well, at least I hope so. 🙂


I would have never started this site or ventured onto this journey of “Parenting Parrots” if it wasn’t for the unexpected passing of my Rose Breasted Cockatoo a.k.a Galah Cockatoo named Lola. She was my very first parrot, my most expensive parrot and the one parrot that taught me so much in her short-lived life. I struggled so hard with her passing because she had at least another 47 years to live, as I only had her for 3 years and she was only a baby when  I got her. However going to the wrong type of vet, stress, lack of knowledge, inconsistency and not enough love made her life on earth be cut short. Too short and I blame no one else except myself. I dedicate all my postings, my answers to your questions, my work and this website that I’ve been blessed to own to LOLA my beautiful, talented Galah Cockatoo. I truly hope she can forgive me for obviously not doing enough for her. If you want to read more about her I will be posting her story soon.

R.I.P LOLA – This website is for you. Hopefully I can help others with their parrots before it’s too late.

Please follow us through our Parenting Parrots Journey, so we can help you and you in turn can help us!

Welcome to Parenting Parrots!




16 thoughts on “Parrots, Parrots… Oh and did I say PARROTS!??!!?!

  1. This was so well put together and I’m so sorry for your loss with Lola I know how she meant to you but what an amazing way to honour her life.

    • Thanks Sam! Keep following and you will see the website is about to undergo a MAJOR makeover!! I’m totally excited especially to know Lola’s death is my motivation and she did not pass in vain!

    • Hi Randi,

      I sent you an invite to join our followers so you can be included with everything involving Parenting Parrots!

      Thank you so much for your interest and support!

  2. Hello!

    Hello, my name is Gerri. I viewed your video of the Prevue Cage Assembly.

    The cage you and your girls put together was a wonderful example of love of your family and pets. I own a Mexican Red Cap Amazon Parrot. Is this cage suitable for the size of an Amazon Parrot?

    Thank you in advance

    • Hi Gerri, Sorry I’m just seeing this comment. It is suitable as a travel cage not as a long term solution. AMAZING PARROT btw! Amazon’s are stunning and the Red Cap is beautiful!

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